Its hard to win Real Madrid as it is today

 Its hard to win Real Madrid as it is today

Royal society appears to be not satisfied with the loss, the teams official website said that the referee was unfair: it is always difficult to defeat Real Madrid, like today, it is even more difficult. A controversial penalty and a cancelled goal resulted in the final defeat of Royal Society at home. The penalty decision is questionable, and the cancellation of the goal is totally unfair because the offside Merino did not stop kurtuva from saving

Royal Society did not mention Benzemas suspected handball. If Benzema stops on the shoulder rather than the upper arm, then the French do not have handball. Shoulder touch will not be judged handball under the new FIFA board rules for penalties set in April. The rule came into effect on June 1, and Benzema benefited from the new rule.

We were frustrated because we paid so much, but we lost because of some details, including the referee, said Real Sociedad coach Alva hill. I dont like to talk about referees, so I dont comment. I dont want to watch the video playback, I dont want to talk about it. I dont want to have a good relationship with the referee, I just want to comment on my work and care about my team. I think we should get better results. We face the leaders, but we are a little bit closer to winning

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Ramos is the first bodyguard with a knife in La Liga to break the door and leave the Real Madrid goalkeeper with a knee injury. The opponents Offside ball is cancelled correctly. My sight is completely blocked. Source: Netease sports Author: Zhang Lin editor in charge: Liu Yun_ NS4812