A new asymptomatic patient flew from Wuhan to Chengdu Monday

 A new asymptomatic patient flew from Wuhan to Chengdu Monday

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported in 589 cases (48 cases imported from abroad) as at 0 hours in June 22nd. Among them, 570 cases were cured and 570 cases died, 3 cases were dead, 16 cases were isolated in hospital, 300 were still being observed in medical field.

From 0:00 to 24:00 on June 21, a new asymptomatic patient (imported from outside the province, arrived in Chengdu by plane from Wuhan on June 19, and was positive in nucleic acid test on June 21) was added in the province. On that day, there were 0 confirmed cases, 0 released from centralized isolation medical observation, and 8 were still in centralized isolation medical observation (imported from outside the province 6 cases, imported from Hubei 2 cases), an increase of 1 case over the previous day.

(the specific information of asymptomatic infected persons shall be released by the health and Health Committee of the relevant city (prefecture)

On June 21, Shimian County of Yaan City was adjusted from a low-risk area to a medium risk area, and the rest 182 counties (cities, districts) in our province were all low-risk areas.

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