Starting from the intermediary packaging fee of 3000 yuan

 Starting from the intermediary packaging fee of 3000 yuan

In the current strict inspection of the entrance of consumer loans into the real estate market, some loan intermediary companies and buyers still seek the path of down payment loans. Generally speaking, the down payment loan is that the buyer uses the loan to buy a house under the guise of credit loan, consumption loan and operation loan when the down payment is insufficient.

It is reported that at present, there are three types of down payments on the market. One is credit loan, i.e. unsecured, which is directly based on personal credit investigation. A person can loan up to 300000 yuan, with a maximum repayment period of 5 years and an annual interest rate of about 4%. The second is the mortgage consumption loan. The borrower uses the real estate as the collateral to loan to the bank, with a maximum loan of 1 million yuan, a maximum of 10 years and an annual interest rate of about 6%. The third is business loans, mainly financing products for small and medium-sized business owners or individual industrial and commercial households. Borrowers can obtain bank loans through real estate mortgage and other guarantees. Up to 70% of the appraised value of the property. Among them, the so-called decoration loan is a product launched by the bank for customers housing decoration consumption, which is essentially a kind of credit loan.

Recently, a reporter from securities daily visited several banks in Beijing and found that in terms of personal credit loans, some banks mainly solicited customers by reducing interest rates. Among them, decoration is the most commonly used purpose in personal credit loan, and some banks also make profit transfer in decoration installment business.

Taking a city commercial bank as an example, the relevant person in charge of the bank said: during the period from the end of the month, the loan interest rate of the three-year decoration loan will be reduced to 3.95%. If the loan amount exceeds 200000 yuan, a post loan inspection will be carried out. The lender is required to provide the decoration invoice and contract, as well as the account flow of the applicant. Through the flow, the fund income of the applicant will be judged and the suspicious fund will be queried Inflow.

However, at the same time of preferential solicitation, due to the tightening of supervision, the bank not only strengthened the qualification examination of the application users, but also increased the monitoring of the capital flow and the post loan return visit to strictly prevent the loan funds from being used for other purposes.

According to a large state-owned banks personal loan personnel, recently, in all the loan business interest rates, in addition to the pure housing provident fund loan, there is no loan project with lower interest rates than the decoration loan. At present, the banks monthly interest rate during the preferential period of decoration installment business is 0.29%, and the maximum amount can reach 500000 yuan without mortgage. At the same time, he also stressed that the house must be the real estate under the name of the decoration loan applicant, and must be truly decorated. The bank will survey twice, once in the water and electricity transformation, and once again when all the tiles and floor tiles are laid. And when swiping the card to consume, there will be the restriction of consumption type, also cant take cash.

- packaging loan charges up to 20000 yuan

A number of real estate intermediaries introduced to the Securities Daily that, due to the strict supervision of the regulatory authorities on consumer loans, if a real estate group wants to make a down payment, it is suggested to take a business loan. If there is no collateral and there is less down payment fund gap, it can take a decoration loan. Moreover, some banks have recently launched preferential interest rate policies, and there are more buyers consulting the decoration loan. At the same time, the intermediary suggested, at present, it is not suitable for consumer loans, not only the interest rate is high but also not easy to approve. The interest rate is about 6% or more, and it will also have an impact on subsequent mortgage loans.

A loan specialist of an intermediary company told reporters: buyers who are short of down payment of 300000 to 500000 yuan apply for more decoration loans, with low interest rates and no collateral.. Although it is called decoration loan, it can be used to pay down payment loan, or to pay intermediary fees and taxes, but 2% of the loan amount shall be charged as the packaging fee, starting from 3000 yuan at least.

According to the staff of another intermediary company, now the approval of decoration loan is relatively strict, and about 8% of the loan amount needs to be paid packaging fee, taking the loan amount of 300000 yuan as an example, that is, 24000 yuan is charged.

As long as you have a house under your name, you can apply for 5-year annual interest rate of 3.96%, and you can apply to 4 banks at most. It doesnt matter whether its really used for decoration, as long as we pay a certain handling fee, we can help with packaging, and we will arrange it later, said Xiao Zhang, a salesman who works as a loan intermediary

According to the investigation of the Securities Daily, as the bank stipulates the conditions for the use of decoration loans and limits the types of consumption when swiping cards, it is necessary for the lender to seek a channel for cash withdrawal. In this regard, the intermediary said there was a way to avoid, although there will be restrictions on the type of consumption, and can not withdraw.. But our intermediary can help you find a special place to withdraw cash by swiping your card and cash out through POS machine, which belongs to normal consumption. However, 0.6% of the amount of swiping your card will be charged as the handling fee. A real estate agent told reporters.

Source: Securities Daily Author: Peng Yan editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF