Hot summer comes! Fruit should be eaten like this

 Hot summer comes! Fruit should be eaten like this

Watermelon: watermelon is a very common summer fruit. It can relieve summer heat and promote body fluid. Eating watermelon should pay attention to the season, not only to supplement the water, but also to increase nutrition. But it is not suitable to eat too much at one time, otherwise it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach.

Arbutus: arbutus is rich in southern China. Its fruit is bright colored, juicy, sweet and sour, and appetizing. It contains a variety of nutritional elements can also play anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic effects.

Mulberry: in early summer, the purple mulberries, which are gathered in three or five, are very attractive. Modern research shows that mulberry is rich in sugars, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, etc. it has the health care functions of regulating immunity, anti-aging, lowering blood sugar, blood lipid, etc.

Fruit preservation tips

Separate storage:

Many fruits release a lot of ethylene in the process of ripening, such as apples, bananas, papayas and so on. If they are placed together with other fruits, they will accelerate the ripening of other fruits, and then they are prone to rot. There are also broken fruits, which also release a lot of ethylene, which need to be taken out of the pile immediately to avoid contact with other fruits.

Dont wash off the pectin:

The surface of fruit is protected by natural pectin, which can prevent water loss and microbial invasion. If the fruit is stored in the refrigerator, it does not need to be cleaned before putting it in the refrigerator, because the pectin is easy to be cleaned out during the cleaning process. Store the fruits by category, and put the fruits that are easy to be damaged into the fresh-keeping box to avoid being squeezed in the refrigerator.

Fruits like mangosteen, grapes and raisins are easy to oxidize and rot. Therefore, in the preservation of this kind of fruit, not only need cold storage, but also try to exhaust the oxygen, so as not to oxidize the fruit. After putting the mangosteen, grape, raisin and other fruits into the fresh-keeping bag, pay attention to gently press the air inside to discharge, and then put it into the refrigerator for refrigeration. It is also necessary to take care to pick out the damaged fruits and discard them, so as not to affect other intact fruits.

Three notes on eating frozen fruit

There is a time for eating. Try not to eat frozen fruit when you are just full or on an empty stomach. You can eat it 1-2 hours after meals.

The amount of food should not be too much each time, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort. For example, do not eat more than 500 grams of watermelon, about 15 grapes, no more than 1 peach, 10-15 strawberries.

Note 3:

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