Tesla is expected to benefit most from a breakthrough in battery technology

 Tesla is expected to benefit most from a breakthrough in battery technology

Tesla has determined that after the transition period, the price of the long-term model 3 will be maintained, stabilizing consumer expectations. In May, the sales volume once again exceeded 10000 yuan, which is a unique phenomenon.

The Securities Times reporter learned from Tesla that Tesla battery day and the 2020 Tesla shareholders meeting may be held jointly. Since large gatherings are not allowed until July 7, the specific date of battery day will be announced after the week of July 4. In addition, cybertruck will appear in this event, tentatively held in Fremont factory.

According to foreign media reports, Tesla is likely to launch four battery breakthrough innovations to surpass its competitors. Tesla CEO mask has a great goal for battery technology, to extend the service life of electric vehicle battery to 1.6 million kilometers, and has been accumulating technology and patents for the goal.

In May this year, it was reported that Tesla is applying for a new battery patent, which covers the synthesis method and process of nickel cobalt (NCA) electrode used in the lithium battery manufacturing process. According to the report, the patent can not only improve battery life, but also reduce the cost of battery production. According to the report, single crystal nickel cobalt aluminum electrode process will enable the battery to charge 4000 times in its life cycle, and the capacity will only drop 10% after 100 cycles, effectively extending the battery life, and the accumulated mileage is expected to exceed 1 million miles (about 1.609 million km).

Teslas recent battery breakthrough has also been revealed to the industry chain through the exchange of information between employees Jefferies and customers. Jefferies said Tesla is on the verge of technological breakthroughs, including battery production costs, energy density, battery life and the design of cobalt free batteries. If the technology is mature enough, Tesla may no longer rely on Panasonic and Ningde era batteries in the future.

The core advantage of dry electrode process compared with the existing wet process is mainly to reduce the production cost. On the one hand, the combination optimization of electrolyte additives reduces the cost, on the other hand, improves the comprehensive performance of the battery (such as safety).

Another patent of concern is called non convex electrode battery, which is a new method of building battery, avoiding the problems of large resistance caused by convex plate inside the battery, resulting in the decrease of battery life and the increase of manufacturing cost. Musk attached great importance to the patent, saying it was actually much more important than it sounds..

Tesla tries to break through battery technology

Earlier in 2016, Tesla began funding the Tesla Canada lab, a team of scientists led by Jeff Dahn. Dane is a heavyweight in lithium-ion battery research, and has been at the forefront of battery research and innovation for more than 40 years. In February 2019, Dane team published a paper that directly negated the existence value of cobalt. The results show that cobalt can not significantly reduce the activity level of electrolyte at high temperature, so cobalt is an unnecessary material in high nickel NCA (nickel content > 90%).

Long term investment value of A-share Tesla

Tesla battery technology update not only accelerates the growth of the company itself, but also is a new investment opportunity for A-share related supply chain stocks. Especially at present, China has become one of the few regions with full capacity in the worlds major countries. Many A-share listed companies have certain advantages in battery manufacturing, or they have reserved certain technologies. In the future, individual stocks in Tesla will benefit from the development of self-developed batteries in Tesla.

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Source: responsible editor of Securities Times: Yang Bin_ NF4368