All of them leave! The summer store is closed. The owner of the cinema: the house loan is almost over

 All of them leave! The summer store is closed. The owner of the cinema: the house loan is almost over

Three months without pay, I want to survive

At this time last year, I told the manager that I wanted to take a vacation to take my children to Disney, but because the manager of the summer store didnt approve of my vacation, now, I just want to go back to the cinema, even if its 24 hours running, I wont have a complaint.

Wu Qiang, a film projectionist in a cinema in Henan Province, has worked in this position for four years. In his hands, he has screened domestic films such as I am not the God of medicine, Fanghua, you of the youth, and overseas films such as crazy animal city, speed and passion 8 and Avenger alliance 4. Seeing the current situation of the film industry, Wu Qiang couldnt help but sigh, I really didnt expect that there would be such a quiet time in the cinema before, and it has been quiet for nearly half a year..

Since the closure of the cinema, the cinema has been able to pay basic security wages for everyone at the beginning, but after two months, everyone has been in a state of suspension of pay and retention, which has been three months. And last month, the cinema manager also paid us the bottom line. We can only hold on for another two months at most. Now its not easy for everyone in the whole industry, but I also need to live. I cant live without any income. Wu said.

One million theater practitioners need to survive. Director Jia Zhangke once said in microblog. The reporter of Beijing business daily learned that since January this year, many cinema employees incomes have been affected, or like Wu Qiang, they have been suspended from salary or laid off directly. As early as the end of March, 20% of cinemas had laid off workers, according to the report on the living conditions of cinemas, which was led by the China Film Association. And not only the employees of small-scale cinemas or independent cinemas, but also some well-known shadow investment companies have made layoffs, among which CGv has been exposed to layoffs of about 30%, mainly involving part-time and part-time regular employees.

In this context, many theater employees began to look for another way out, some of them left their jobs directly at the beginning, looking for another job; and those who have not really left their jobs are also taking delivery or taking part-time jobs in supermarkets, express companies, etc., so as to obtain income and guarantee their lives. Many people have no clear answer about whether they will continue to stick to this industry or not. A lot of people are going one step at a time, and no one knows what the future will be like, said Wu.

Theater owner:

I cant afford to pay my mortgage

Last year, I just invested hundreds of thousands of yuan to renovate the cinema, hoping to attract more audiences this year. I didnt expect the epidemic to disrupt all the plans. Wang Jianan has opened a theater with six theaters in a third tier city in Anhui Province, which has been in operation for three years and has tens of thousands of members. Before that, most theaters were able to make a balance of payments and make a little profit, but since the closure of business this year, the operating pressure of theaters has suddenly increased.

According to Wang Jianan, at the beginning of the closure, in order to save money, the cinema only left some employees on duty, but later, due to the greater cost pressure, all employees were suspended from salary and remained on duty. At this stage, the cinema has minimized the cost that can be reduced, but it still loses nearly 100000 yuan per month..

Third tier city cinemas still lose money every month, let alone first tier cities. The reporter of Beijing business daily learned from his work that the cost of large-scale cinemas in first tier cities can reach the level of one million yuan per month, of which the rent accounts for the largest part, accounting for about 50% or more. However, due to the lack of income from business suspension, the cost of operation can only be sustained.

Wang Jianan also talked with the landlord about whether the rent could be reduced or not, but he didnt get the ideal result. Only in the first two months, there was a small reduction, but there was no reduction. Now I cant even afford my house loan, so I have started to transfer the cinema and quit the market in time to stop losses.

The reporter of Beijing business daily learned from several movie theaters that the number of sellers who came to consult for cinema transactions has doubled compared with the same period of the previous year, mainly in the second and third tier cities. Although the number of consultants is more, the number of real deals is less. According to Mr. Li, the middleman, the whole environment is not good now. The cinema is a heavy investment project. The transfer price of a cinema is at least hundreds of thousands of yuan, and the high one can reach tens of millions of yuan, so people are more cautious.

Film investors:

I lost nine out of ten, not to mention now

Zhao Yu, who is engaged in the Internet industry, once contacted some small and medium-sized film companies for the opportunity of cooperation. Seeing the rapid growth of film box office in recent years, he also started to invest in cinema films. The films invested before were also small projects. Compared with high box office blockbusters, they had a low sense of existence, didnt get much income, and also suffered losses. However, they continued to invest in other projects in the hope that the losses were within their tolerance. But this years situation, the loss is certain, and the scale of the loss will not be just a small number before.

As we all know, the risk of the film industry is that the box office situation after the release cannot be clearly predicted in the early stage, and the content and publicity must be continuously invested in the production stage before, so it is a common phenomenon that the income is less than the early investment, and it is not a secret that the film project loses nine out of ten.

Since this year, the risks undertaken by film investors have been further improved. Because of the need of epidemic prevention and control, the production team once stopped shooting, and the cinema film could not make the release plan, so the project process inevitably stalled, resulting in greater losses. And its worth noting that some film companies are losing millions of yuan in a single day, according to industry news. Although some cinema films choose online distribution in a short period of time to recover part of the losses in advance and avoid greater losses, this also raises a controversy in the market and causes dissatisfaction of the cinema.

Zhao Yu said that at present, he still has an invested cinema film in his hand, and will not invest in other projects after the completion of the project. In the short term, the cinema is still unable to return to normal business, which means that the cinema line still can not realize the cost recovery of box office revenue. In the long run, even if the theater returns to business, it will still control the number of audiences in each session for a period of time. In the case of limited single box office, in order to get a higher income, the cinema will also choose films with more box office appeal to file. At this time, the situation of other film projects can be imagined. In this case, its better to leave.

Leaving is only temporary. I think I will come back one day. Zhao Yu said firmly.

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Source: Wang Xiaowu, editor in charge of Beijing Business Daily_ NF