The black industry business of withdrawing insurance and interest: its normal to take 30percent out of the black market

 The black industry business of withdrawing insurance and interest: its normal to take 30percent out of the black market

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Stable business: more than 70000 insurance refunds, and the agency will take 20000-30000

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Daily economic news reporter, as a consumer, inquired about full surrender business in a shop of online marketing platform. The customer service staff of the store first asked the reporter to show relevant information: the location of the insurance policy, annual payment, cash value of the insurance policy, etc. then said that the service fee should be evaluated according to these situations.

Xiao Hu, another person who runs the surrender business on wechat, said that to consult full surrender, you must first fill in a questionnaire, the questions include what information is wrong when entering insurance information and did the salesman give you a gift? Or give money , who signed the signature and whether it was signed on behalf of others and so on, that is to say, look for defects in the insurance policy.

Photo source: questionnaire sent by surrender agency

According to the materials obtained by the reporter, after providing insurance policies and other relevant materials, the agency fee given by the intermediary is 25000 yuan based on the calculation of the total premium paid for 7 years is 70000 yuan. In order to strengthen the determination of consumers to withdraw the full amount of insurance, the intermediary revealed that he had about 5000 bills in hand, and about 4.5 million yuan was waiting for the withdrawal amount to be recorded.

After full surrender, the intermediary shall take 30% - 50% of the surrender amount. According to one person familiar with the matter, many of the practitioners in this industry are legal persons who understand the insurance sales process, or former insurance agents who have withdrawn from the insurance circle.

Three axes for full Surrender: stubble finding, disastrous selling and throwing

After paying the agency fee, we come to the key link of full surrender. So, how does the intermediary help the consumer withdraw the insurance in full?

Zhang Hong (a pseudonym), a refund consumer, began to say only repeatedly that there was nothing more to say about it. All the refunds were refunded. What finally revealed was surprising. The reason why she applied for surrender was that the insurance agent promised a loan and induced her to take out insurance.

Further inquiry, Zhang Hong said at first that when doing business, the insurance intermediary promised to lend money, and said that the intermediary also promised to return fees. However, after repeated questioning, Zhang Hong finally admitted that he lied when he complained, but in fact, the insurance agent didnt promise the loan.

They taught me to say that! Zhang Hong was led to say these words. It was the agency that claimed to be able to handle full surrender.

Reporters then found a surrender intermediary Xiaohu, told him (reporter) and the insurance company signed the contract is my signature, there are no other loopholes.. Xiaohu instructed reporters to use scripts to guide the defendants to make adverse statements, such as I bought that insurance in 2016, how much money you returned to me at that time, I forgot a bit, my friends also want to buy it, want to know about it, and told reporters must remember to use telephone recording or wechat screenshot. Hu said it would be useful to take these evidences to complain to the regulatory authorities.

For those insurance consumers who withdraw through the withdrawal agency

In addition to looking for loopholes, the agency will teach you big tricks: finding fault, selling miserably, throwing. As long as the insurance company doesnt promise to surrender for a day, it should make up its mind to let it go, put on a posture of making a big deal and force the insurance company to surrender. Just so-called life is like a play, all depends on acting.

Of course, there are also some insurance agents to complete the performance appraisal and guide customers to withdraw the old and invest in the new. Zhang Mao (not his real name) told reporters that he bought a serious illness insurance two years ago, but this year he was called by the agent of another insurance company to promote the products. At first, he was eager to help interpret the insurance policy, pointing out that the original insurance policy was not fully guaranteed and cost-effective, and then he was encouraged to withdraw.

The agent patiently taught Zhang Mao how to withdraw insurance: call the official phone number of the insurance company he invested, and tell a reason, such as XXXX is different from XX, and XXXX is found to have problems afterwards, which does not meet the requirements, so he needs to withdraw insurance; call the supervision phone, tell the demand, and be resolute, and ask for full withdrawal of insurance. . The insurance company that receives the phone call may ask to withdraw the lawsuit or delay or comfort first, but Zhang Maos attitude should be firm, saying that he only wants to withdraw the insurance in full.

An insurance company employee told the daily economic news: the time cost and labor cost for an insurance company to deal with each complaint are very high. In many cases, the insurance company has no energy to distinguish. Therefore, in order to appease consumers and cope with regulatory assessment, the insurance company can only withdraw insurance according to the needs of consumers.

Now as long as it is a complaint, insurance companies will basically handle it, and most of them will surrender or settle claims according to the requirements of consumers. Wang Chao (pseudonym), a member of the basic insurance institutions, said frankly when communicating with reporters that some insurance companies should exert pressure on the basic insurance institutions in order to reduce the complaint rate and cope with the supervision and assessment, which led to the phenomenon of no compromise in principle. It is just when we see that insurance companies throw contraindications, some insurance complainants take this as a threat, bypass normal legal channels, make unreasonable complaints, and require insurance companies to meet some unreasonable demands.

Compared with traditional insurance companies, Internet insurance companies are more likely to be targeted by surrender agents, because these companies do not have offline agents and can not achieve double recording (recording, video), so surrender demands are easier to achieve. Wang Chao said that in traditional insurance enterprises, the proportion of malicious surrender and deception can account for 5%; in Internet insurance enterprises and Internet platforms, the proportion can reach 30-40%.

Some insiders said that the Internet platform is purchased directly by consumers online, and there is no process of product introduction, including the health status of policyholders, which is filled in by consumers themselves. There is a certain moral hazard in this process.

Return black production set full! False medical records, false resignation certificates, car accidents and comas

Photo source: screenshot of an e-commerce platforms surrender and interest refund advertisement

In addition to surrender, there are also credit cards and online loans targeted by the black industry. Credit cards, consumer loans and even the following more extraordinary financial little brother P2P, these products undoubtedly perfectly fit the concept of leading consumption which is gradually gaining the upper hand today. However, there are always costs in borrowing consumption. If you dont pay attention, this cost may exceed the original intention of consumers. Overdue, penalty interest, credit investigation, when mentioning these professional terms at the number beginning with 400, no matter how sweet and beautiful the voice of the other party is, the receiver will be on pins and needles.

When Hang Yu (pseudonym) browsed a short video platform, an account calling itself brother * * said in the live broadcast that the loan handling fee, service fee and interest can be refunded, according to our method, it can be basically successful, and also posted a screenshot of the successful refund, saying does the bank give you money in vain to buy ribs to eat?? Dont ask for nothing, dont ask for nothing.

Thinking of having a loan, Hang Yu was moved. He added a wechat signal named Mr., and saw that the wechat signature of this Mr., clearly stated: 30 meters for consultation once, 500 meters for assistance. Dont bother if you want free!

However, Mr. * said in the conversation that he was not a lawyer and was not qualified as a lawyer. When Hang Yu further asked how to return the interest, the other party only sent him some screenshots of the return transfer. With a fluke mentality, Hang Yu transferred 500 yuan to the other party on wechat, ready to ask Mr. * to assist in handling interest refund.

After getting the money, Mr. * sent a copy of operation method , which was called refund and interest refund black technology . To Hang Yus great disappointment, this game is not complicated at all. The core game is cheating + complaining. Hang Yu wryly smiled: where there is any black technology, is to give a script.

According to the operation method presented by Hang Yu, as long as the repayment has been made in installments or at the lowest level before, he should call the customer service: because of the epidemic situation, he has no income for the time being, so he cant repay it. He hopes to return the interest in recent months. The other side also claims to be able to help customers forge the resignation certificate. According to the routine of another sick role, in order to play a more true role, it is also recommended that customers go to an e-commerce platform to buy a fake medical record for tens of yuan.

Hang Yu said that the script is almost the same, whether it can be the key still depends on the individual (Acting). If they dont come, they will let them use the second move - to complain to the banking, insurance and regulatory authorities, said hang. Generally speaking, at this point, financial institutions will come to coordinate. Deal with it first and then withdraw it. Dont withdraw it without money. Mr. * also pledged that this step is very important, and the general success rate can be more than 90%.

Donkey roll type overdue penalty interest, so that refund intermediary came into being. According to a survey conducted by the reporter of the daily economic news, such intermediaries usually use the pole type advertising words of 100% return, Bao Xue Bao Hui, and can assist in providing p-chart evidence. After receiving the inquiry, they clap their chests to guarantee their tickets, and in the follow-up, most of them apply for interest refund with false materials.

Xiaoshis brothers credit card is overdue, with a total of more than 20000 yuan of interest. In desperation, xiaoshijing person introduced and contacted a professional credit card interest refund intermediary, the other party only understood the issuer and the principal and interest situation, that is, taking a chest to show that it was wrapped in him. After that, the intermediary arranged Xiaoshi to purchase a series of props from an e-commerce platform, such as fake medical records and resignation certificates. It also said that if necessary, it could create the plot of car accident coma leads to overdue commonly used in Korean dramas, and then use fake relevant certificates to communicate with the bank.

The reporter of the daily economic news found that the art really comes from life. Indeed, the media had reported the case of credit card users failed to repay in time due to traffic accident coma, traffic police departments and hospitals issued traffic accident and hospitalization certificates respectively afterwards, and finally the bank refunded interest.

Free lunch? Be careful of losing your wife and your soldiers

The 18 kinds of martial arts produced by Hei Xie also have a time of smashing.

Hang Yu finally found that financial institutions and regulatory authorities had long been aware of the black intermediary of surrender and interest refund, and soon saw through the scam, and his credit investigation was damaged due to overdue repayment.

When Hang Yu asked to return the 500 yuan agency fee, he found that Mr. * had already blackmailed himself.

Hang Yu complains on the net: those who can repay the interest and refund the fee are liars! Its too dark! After paying the money, I found that it was totally different from what their salesmen said. They didnt help me with anything. They sent me a bunch of scripts to make trouble with the loan company! I want to refund money and not return it to me, but also blackmail my wechat! My friend paid 30 as like as two peas, but fortunately he didnt pay 4998 for 100%. And black me out!! Friends, be careful not to be fooled!

Compared with the regular army behind the credit card, the interest refund intermediary is not so polite to another online loan platform with countless overdue bad debts in recent years. Anyone who has loaned money in a private financial company can return the interest, recover part of the principal and the excess expenses, and can do it after settlement! After the customer provides the information, the intermediary usually directly connects with the relevant platform by reporting the case, complaining about it as a set of loans, etc., at the same time, it uses the network to create a storm of public opinion, and uses the public sympathy to attract attention, thus exerting pressure on the platform side.

Photo source: poster of a credit return agency

According to the daily economic news, due to the frequent problems and strict supervision of online lending platform in recent years, online lending platform will generally choose to settle matters.

In March of this year, there was a wave of interest rebate on a certain gold consumption platform. A large number of users gathered in the intermediary, and 3.15 was the threat to put forward interest rebate requirements to the platform. A complaint platform also issued a notice on audit delay and prohibition of copying operation. Some people, for the purpose of making profits, abetted the borrower to use the uniformly prepared template for complaint; some borrowers, in violation of the basic principle of good faith, arbitrarily copied and used the above content for complaint.

Behind the one crying, two making, three hanging, some intermediaries gain a lot of illegal money. According to people familiar with the matter, a black intermediary charges for the online loan platform: the proportion of charges for the part below 100000 yuan (including 100000 yuan) is 8% ~ 10%, and those less than 5000 yuan will be charged at 5000 yuan per piece; the proportion of charges for 100000 ~ 500000 yuan (including 500000 yuan) is 7% ~ 9%. For more black intermediaries, as long as there are customers looking for the door, the general charging situation is from tens to thousands of yuan, basically belonging to make money.

Should the unreasonable default interest of credit card be refunded? Should arbitrage loans and cutting interest be recovered? A number of insiders told the reporter of the daily economic news,

According to the reporters investigation, the swindle of only taking money but not handling affairs after charging first and then blackmailing actually occupied the vast majority of the situations of the interest refund agency. The cases of no interest refund but being cheated are common on relevant platforms. At the same time, another part of the so-called professional ethics of the black intermediary, wandering on the edge of the law and even the continuous illegal behavior, brings huge risks to users - using false materials to apply, once verified, the cardholder will face the subsequent reduction or even blacklist punishment and even personal credit damage.

Photo source: screenshot of a short video platform comment area

Industry insiders pointed out that consumers should make it clear that the loan relationship is a contractual relationship. Once signed, both parties should abide by the contractual agreement. If either party wants to violate the contractual agreement, it will pay the corresponding price.

Its no doubt that the hope is to get the money that doesnt belong to us. There is no free lunch in the world. If you lose your wife and your soldiers, you will regret later.

Crack down on the action of the black industry supervision department of returning insurance and interest

The business of the surrender agency is so hot that the insurance company is not waiting to die. In order to take multiple measures to crack down on the black production of surrender insurance, some insurance companies even send undercover agents to obtain evidence and surrender insurance.

Take a complaint recently received by an insurance company as an example. The caller who claims to be customer Zhang complained to the insurance company and asked for full surrender for the reasons of being fooled and not knowing the policy. He was emotional, had a bad attitude and had a strong desire to surrender during the conversation. However, the customer service of the insurance company verifies and confirms in many aspects through the clues transmitted by the customers information and words, and the caller is not the qualified person himself. Because the purpose of surrender is not achieved, the caller has been abusing the customer service personnel on the phone.

Soon after, the staff of the above insurance company received a call from the customer Zhang, telling them not to surrender the policy, and the company needs to settle the claim for the recent insurance. In the process of questioning, Zhang confessed that he had seen the news of agent cancellation in his friend circle due to the recent economic tension, so he withdrew the insurance through another agent to relieve the economic pressure. Because of the accident, he was glad that he didnt withdraw the insurance.

As more and more cities are exposed to the emergence of black industrial chain organizations with full surrender, insurance companies are also aware of the seriousness of the problem. In Dalian, Suzhou and other places, there are insurance agents


In a city in Southwest China, 13 insurance companies sent a letter to the local financial supervision bureau, reporting that a local enterprise consulting management company engaged in malicious agent surrender business. Under the guise of safeguarding rights, the illegal elements use the consumer privacy obtained from the insurance consumers to maliciously complain and harass the insurance company by pretending that the consumers themselves report via telephone or letter, which leads to the local insurance consumers complaints hotline being dominated by malice complaints for a long time, and other insurance consumers are difficult to express their demands for safeguarding rights normally.

According to the report letter, even when consumers want to terminate the agency surrender agreement, the informant even takes extreme measures such as blocking the door and threatening to bully consumers and coerce them to cooperate with the bank insurance regulatory bureau or insurance companies to sue.

Its not just insurance companies that are helping themselves, but regulators are also trying to crack down on such violations. Since last year, regulatory authorities in Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Henan, Hubei and other places have successively issued risk tips to prevent agent surrender fraud. The CIRC also issued a letter to the personal insurance company in September last year, trying to find out the industrial chain of agent surrender and formulate a special governance plan.

Photo source: Official Website of CBRC

In the middle of February, in response to the recurrence of agent surrender fraud during the epidemic, Xiamen bancassurance bureau again issued a risk reminder to remind consumers to withdraw insurance cautiously and safeguard their own interests through legal channels; on April 9, bancassurance Commission also issued a relevant announcement, saying that such acts not only disturb the normal operation order of the insurance market, but also ultimately damage the legitimate rights and interests of insurance consumers. In this regard, the consumer Insurance Bureau reminds consumers to be alert to the potential risks of agent surrender, handle surrender prudently according to their own needs, and rationally safeguard their legitimate rights and interests from infringement according to law.

On June 12, according to relevant media, in order to find out the basic number of surrender risks of personal insurance companies within the jurisdiction in the near future, the Shanghai Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau recently decided to carry out the investigation of surrender risks of personal insurance companies. It is reported that the following key risks will be investigated this time: first, we will pay attention to the surrender risk of large-scale insurance policies due to the difficulty of renewal payment since the outbreak; second, we will pay attention to the abnormal surrender risk caused by the black industry chain agent complaint; third, we will pay attention to the centralized surrender risk caused by the arbitrage of the business team based on the basic law.

Reporters notes

Dont let black agents have a chance

Recently, a story happened nearby, which made the reporter feel a lot: a relatives child played a game to fill up all the tens of thousands of yuan of savings on the bank card, which is tantamount to the collapse of the sky for the poor family. Only the parents who are buried in work are completely blind in the follow-up treatment of such incidents.

Later, in the process of recovering and recharging, relatives really experienced what it was like to sue for nothing - the phone is always busy, online customer service is always a robot, a key word input operation returns to the origin

At the direction of others, it turns out that this kind of thing can be represented by a professional intermediary. There are different ways for game recharge, insurance and credit card refunds. As long as you provide information and fees, the intermediary can ask for money for you.

At the beginning of investigating the black intermediary of withdrawing interest and withdrawing insurance, the reporters cognition remained that, due to the existence of contractual relationship, withdrawing interest and withdrawing insurance may not be an easy thing. As we all know, the black intermediary has brought 18 kinds of martial arts to the extreme - it can not only splash with the insurance company, but also connect with the online loan platform, and skillfully quote legal provisions between the supervision and the platform. Of course, more is the use of some consumers dont white dont fluke mentality, money running.

The reporter interviewed several insiders and deceived consumers, and tried to describe the tip of the iceberg of the black production of surrender and interest refund. The original purpose of the survey is to remind more consumers not to be cheated, and at the same time hope that enterprises can do better in protecting the interests of consumers, respect the spirit of contract, and effectively safeguard the rights and interests of enterprises and consumers under the constraints of laws and contracts, so as not to give black intermediaries a chance. I hope that more people will understand the true face of black intermediary of interest refund and insurance surrender and better protect their own interests. Reporter: Tu Yinghao, Yuan Yuan Yuan editor: Zhang haini vision: Liu Yang typesetting: Zhang haini, Yang Shihan source: Daily Economic News Author: Tu Yinghao, Yuan Yuan Yuan editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu_ NF

The reporter interviewed several insiders and deceived consumers, and tried to describe the tip of the iceberg of the black production of surrender and interest refund. The original purpose of the survey is to remind more consumers not to be cheated, and at the same time hope that enterprises can do better in protecting the interests of consumers, respect the spirit of contract, and effectively safeguard the rights and interests of enterprises and consumers under the constraints of laws and contracts, so as not to give black intermediaries a chance.

I hope that more people will understand the true face of black intermediary of interest refund and insurance surrender and better protect their own interests.

Reporter: Tu Yinghao, Yuan Yuan Yuan

Vision: Liu Yang

Typesetting: Zhang haini, Yang Shihan