Can Pepsi still drink? Can chips be eaten? Pepsi responds three times

 Can Pepsi still drink? Can chips be eaten? Pepsi responds three times

Pepsi Cola is OK!

Netizens began to worry again: so, will Pepsis Lexi chips have problems?

At 21 p.m., PepsiCo food company issued an emergency statement stressing:

Leshi chips are safe, and the possibility of virus survival in the whole product supply chain is zero..

Pepsi responds three times a day

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of Beijing CDC, reported that as of 24:00 on June 20, 8 confirmed cases had been found in a food company at No.1 Ciwei Road, Suncun Township, Daxing District, including 2 people who had visited Xinfadi market for purchase. According to the national enterprise credit information publicity system, No.1 Ciwei Road, Suncun Township, Daxing District, Beijing is the business place of Beijing Branch of Pepsi food (China) Co., Ltd. The business scope of the factory includes the production of food processing products, potato and expanded food.

Soon, Pepsis response came. At 18:42 on the 21st, Pepsi (China) Co., Ltd. responded on its official microblog that Pepsi has always put food safety and consumer rights first,

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases have been found in the Pepsi bottling plants including pepsi cola beverages Limited, including pepsi cola beverages Limited, Beijing. Production and operation have been conducted in an orderly manner and have not been shut down.

PepsiCos full range of beverage products meet various national standards and have been supplied normally according to law. The factory reporting the outbreak at the Beijing press conference is only a Pepsi food branch located at No. 1 Ciwei Road, Daxing District, Beijing, which has never produced any beverage products.

Since then, Pepsi has also responded to the safety of potato chips. At about 21:00 p.m. on the 21st, Pepsi food (China) Co., Ltd. announced that the factory with 8 confirmed cases is one of the companys seven food factories in China, located in Ciwei Road, Beijing, which only produces small quantities of Leshi unlimited canned potato chips.

In PepsiCos view, coronavirus is usually transmitted only by breathing or contact.

After two responses, PepsiCo (China) Co., Ltd. issued a statement late on the 21st night, saying that from the monitoring to the case of Xinfadi wholesale market input, the factory started the emergency plan at the first time, and took measures such as shutdown, environmental killing, personnel isolation, and comprehensive investigation. It has conducted a comprehensive sampling investigation on the products and plant environment, tested the product safety, and ensured the new development at the same time The products after the epidemic have been sealed.

The company also provides relevant additional insurance services for the employees who are unfortunately diagnosed. At the same time, it comprehensively carries out nucleic acid detection for the factory personnel involved, and all the factory employees are isolated at home.

According to the official website of PepsiCo, the main brands it operates in Greater China are as follows:

After Beijing Pepsis confirmed cases appeared, the market unanimously predicted that Coca Cola would be the biggest winner. After all, Pepsi drinks are Pepsis top product, and Coca Cola is its direct competitor.

In addition, big A-share investors who are good at discovering conceptual opportunities are also quick to focus on Maotai and other beverage industry companies. As PepsiCo clarifies that its beverage line is unaffected, the expected beverage substitution market may be over before it starts.

Although the alternative market may fail, the A-share food and beverage industry is also improving in the near future.

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic this year, catering and alcohol consumption has been greatly impacted. However, at present, the industry generally believes that the domestic food and beverage industry is warming up. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, in May 2020, the total retail sales of social consumer goods fell by 2.8% year on year, and the decline continued to narrow.

From the perspective of market performance, recently, the leading shares in Guizhou Maotai, Qingdao beer and other segments have reached new highs. The current price of Maotai in Guizhou is 1439.84 yuan / share, with a peak of 1445.2 yuan / share last week.

Beer stocks were also active last week, with Tsingtao Beer up 6.55% to 70.30 yuan / share on June 19. Beer sales in May rose 14.6% year-on-year, exceeding market expectations, according to the Bureau of statistics.

Liu Yu, an analyst at Bohai Securities, said the continued recovery in consumption was still a matter of probability. In addition, the impact of the epidemic will accelerate the situation of the strong in the food and beverage industry. At present, the valuation of liquor sector still has advantages, so it is suggested to continue to pay attention to it. At present, there is a valuation premium brought by certainty in the whole consumer goods. As time goes on, the investment logic will shift to the long-term. It is suggested to select the leader of the growth determined subdivision field. Continue to give the food and beverage industry optimistic investment rating.

CICC is also firmly bullish on the market of food and beverage stocks in the latest research report, saying that in the medium and long term, the market of bailongma will continue..