Pique can see through? Real Madrid suspected three times dispute profit opponent: we were angry!

 Pique can see through? Real Madrid suspected three times dispute profit opponent: we were angry!

Real Madrids first goal was a penalty from venezus. Both as and Maka referees agreed that the VaR was correct. But in slow motion, whether its Diego Llorente pushing behind or tripping under his feet, its a body hair level foul.

Real Madrids second goal belongs to Benzema, and the Frenchman is suspected of handball when stopping before scoring. Its hard to see if Benzema touched the ball with his right shoulder or his right upper arm when he stopped. The Royal Society players protested against handball, but the Marca newspaper believed the goal verdict was correct.

The most controversial decision of the game came two minutes before Benzema scored. Januzai shot a long-range goal, but the referee ruled that Merino in the offside position interfered with kurtuvas vision, so he blew the ball away. If the goal is scored, the score will be 1-1 and the game will be totally different.

In an interview after the game, Merino blew up: our feeling is not sad, but angry, we lost in this way. Kurtuva is far enough away from me, he has enough time to see the ball. If this happens in front of our door, I dont know if there will be another penalty!

In response to the dispute, the Maka newspaper and as newspaper have different opinions. Marca expert Oliver thinks the decision is right, as expert itulard thinks it is wrong. It depends on the distance between the offside player and the goalkeeper, whether the player blocks the goalkeepers vision, whether he moves or bends to avoid the ball, etc. I personally dont think its offside. The players of royal society are outside the box, at least 5.5 meters away from the goalkeeper

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