On the bar! Musk openly confronts Buffett expert: behind the fairy fight is the capital tear

 On the bar! Musk openly confronts Buffett expert: behind the fairy fight is the capital tear

According to CCTV finance and economics, the performance of US stocks in the first half of this year can be described as ups and downs, even Buffett, the God of stocks, has failed in a row. Tesla, which he had not been optimistic about before, rose all the way, and recently became the No. 1 auto company in the US stock market. Recently, mask, the proud founder of Tesla, publicly challenged Buffett. In a radio program, he thought that industry was the king, and complained that the financial industry robbed too many talents and elites, implying that Buffett made a wrong demonstration for young people.

According to the securities times, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted that Tesla should actually be seen as a dozen technology start-ups, many of which have little to do with traditional car companies. For example, we created a chip design team for Teslas fully autonomous computer from scratch, which is not what the car companies do. In addition, on June 20, reporters learned from Tesla that Tesla battery day and the 2020 Tesla shareholders meeting may be held jointly. Since large gatherings are not allowed until July 7, the specific date of battery day will be announced after the week of July 4. Prior to that, battery day had been postponed many times. In addition, cybertruck will appear in this event, tentatively held in Fremont factory.

Its worth noting that Buffett is about to retire before the market rumors. In response, one of Buffetts aides said Mr. Buffett has no retirement plan. Debbie bosanek, Buffetts assistant, said Buffett had no retirement plans and no record of any connection between David Portnoy and Berkshire Hathaway or its subsidiaries.

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