The movie wishing for the dragon first revealed that pink dragon is in contrast

 The movie wishing for the dragon first revealed that pink dragon is in contrast

Shenlong enters modern civilization for the first time and performs real fragrance on the spot. It is confident to realize its wish. The result is top

In the wish for success notice, the wishing dragon finally revealed his true face on Lushan Mountain, which is quite different from the image of dragon in the past. This dragon has a soft pink fur. Even its claws are fluffy and cute like cats claws. With his unique cute and cheap character, the super power of making peoples wishes come true will definitely make people unforgettable and impressive!

In the trailer, dragon reaped the first partner of the modern world, Ding Siqi, a Shanghai teenager. However, the dragon, who cant wait to exert its power to show its power, is fascinated by modern civilization. It has never seen the world. Its curious about TV, refrigerator and airplane. It even judges people by their appearance and proudly calls it civilian food. But after eating it, it immediately smells good and tastes good until the pupil earthquake! Finally, Ding Siqi made a wish to become a powerful young man of the dragon. The operation of the dragon was as fierce as a tiger. Ding Siqi did become a powerful young man in ancient costume. He was also given a means of transportation: several horses! Its strange in the brain. All kinds of unexpected jokes make people laugh. The comic atmosphere of wishing for the dragon can be seen.

Along with the what you want trailer, theres also the top poster. As the name suggests, the poster shows the picture of the hero Ding Siqi sitting on the head of the wishing dragon. Ding Siqi holds the teapot in his hand, as if he is saying something to the Dragon happily, while the dragon looks at him with a disdainful face. The deep-rooted hair and lifelike texture of the body all reflect the excellent production level of the film. The color matching with pink as the main color and the cute dragon horn make the Dragon more lovely. The expression seems to reveal helplessness. The feeling of cute and cheap is coming out. In the background picture, the Oriental Pearl is eye-catching, and it is clear that this human dragon adventure happened in Shanghai, China. The film will be released in 2020. I hope that the audience can experience the unique charm of wishing dragon in the cinema as soon as possible. With joy, everything you want can be done!

China and the United States take pictures together and gather the global animation elites to create a world-class Chinese Dragon

It is understood that Chris eberhans, the director of the dragon of wishes, is a Chinese fan, not only obsessed with Chinese culture, but also fascinated by Chinese dragon. Alan Warner, the Hollywood gold medal producer and the father of Shrek, is especially good at creating vivid and impressive animation characters. The two are working together to create a new pink dragon image. Their cute and humble character and unique appearance are impressive. The production team of the whole film is also crouching tiger, hidden dragon, bringing together the elites of the industry at home and abroad, most of whom have participated in the production of top animated films. Jackie Chan, as the producer of the film, also participated in the dubbing work. Jackie Chan has previously voiced many animated films, including Hua Mulan, Kung Fu Panda 3, Lego phantom Ninja movie, etc., with highly recognizable voice and laugh points, which brings unforgettable experience to the audience. This time, he is looking forward to his voice presentation in wishing for the dragon.

In order to tell a story that happened in China and has Chinese culture and Chinese emotion, the main creative team of wishing dragon moved directly to live and live in Shanghai, while exploring the scenery, collecting the wind and experiencing the local customs of the city. They also carried out innovative design for the image of Dongfang dragon, giving it a pink appearance and soft fur, making the Dragon look more lovely and vivid, and at the same time, they created a cute and cheap character with a contrast, more memorable and unforgettable. Through time and space, the wishing dragon came to the modern world. He met Ding Siqi, a boy from Shanghai, and went through hardships hand in hand. What kind of interesting things will happen to this incredible combination in Shanghai? It will be revealed when the film is released.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020