Willful? Klopper doesnt need Salah to be replaced in 45 minutes

 Willful? Klopper doesnt need Salah to be replaced in 45 minutes

In 45 minutes, Ono has contributed 2 shots, 0 shots, 0 passes and 0 wins In the face of this series of duck eggs data, klopper resolutely replaced Nanye Tuoshi in the second half, and Chamberlain came on as a substitute.

After Chamberlains appearance, Liverpools attack is still unable to open up the situation. At this time, everyone turned their attention to Salah on the bench, but klopper did not arrange Salah in the subsequent adjustment. Maybe klopper is going to save Salah to the end and give the enemy a deadly blow.

Its not so much Evertons draw with Liverpool, the Premier League champions, as Liverpools draw. At the end of the game, Everton created three chances to close the goal. If it wasnt for Alisons steadiness and the help of the goalposts, Liverpool might have swallowed the second defeat of the Premier League this season. When the team needs to win as soon as possible to lock in the Premier League Championship, klopper has hidden the trump card, which is really a little incomprehensible.

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