Serie A - Luca kulutanaro double success inter 2-1 Sampdoria is the third

 Serie A - Luca kulutanaro double success inter 2-1 Sampdoria is the third

Less than 2 minutes after the start of the game, shikrinyar picked up the ball from galliardini and crossed the forbidden area. Kandreva knocked the bottom line and Eriksson shot in front of the goal, but the referee whistled for kandreva to be offside in the attack and the goal was invalid. The seventh minute, gallialdini sent a cross, lucaku restricted area in a strong volley was blocked.

In the 10th minute, lautaro Martinez took the long pass from midfield and knocked back to Luca behind him with his heel. Luca knocked the point cross and Eriksson made a wall smashing match to push the shot to break the goal. Inter led 1-0. After the goal, Lukaku knelt on one knee and raised his right hand in support of the anti racial movement.

The 25th minute, Eriksson corner pass, the first point by the header point down after the duffrey hard shot was blocked. In the 26th minute, Ashley young knocked to the top of the arc on the left side, and candlewas long-range shot slightly deviated from the baseline. The 28th minute, Lukaku restricted area volley attack the door higher than the beam.

In the 32nd minute, Lukakus right side was obliquely blocked in the forbidden area. Candlewa knocked back to the door in the inverted triangle. The unmarked lautaro easily pushed and broke the door, leading inter 2-0. The 42nd minute, Eriksson corner pass, shikrinyar header high. In the 45th minute, yanketuos long-range shot missed the baseline.

In the second half, the two teams changed sides. The 49th minute, Ashley young cross the forbidden area, Eriksson baseline take the ball back triangle knock, Lukaku push the door out of the baseline. In the 50th minute, Eriksson was confiscated by odero.

The 52nd minute, samp tactical corner, Gaston Ramirez cross, KOLE header hit the crossbeam and pop up, Sothebys make-up shot. Although handanovic reached the ball with legs extended, but the ball still bounced into the net after hitting the goal post, samp pulled back a ball, 1-2.

The 69th minute, samp free kick to cross the restricted area, collet header high. In the 76th minute, Eriksson sent the ball to the goal like a passing shot and was saved by odero. In the 77th minute, mulus long-range shot was far from the goal. The 85th minute, balero arc top volley is blocked by the defensive player. The 87th minute, leiris free kick direct attack by handanovic saved. In the 88th minute, Moses got the ball from the right side of the penalty area and shot hard to get the goal higher than the crossbeam. Inter beat Sampdoria 2-1.

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