La Liga - Ramos shot Benzema to the top of Real Madrid 2-1

 La Liga - Ramos shot Benzema to the top of Real Madrid 2-1

Serie A - Luca kulutanaro double success inter 2-1 Sampdoria is the third

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The second minute, venezus in the penalty area to receive teammates under the bottom of the knock back, but the final shot hit high. In the 11th minute, Edgar sent a free kick from the right side, which Marcello got to clear. In the 12th minute, venezus fell down under the defense of gorosavel after entering the forbidden area with the ball on the left side, but the referee thought there was no foul. In the 15th minute, Edgar shot from the top of the restricted area. The 16th minute, suberdia and kasemiro fight when prenatal education is too high, was the referee yellow card warning. In the 19th minute, Edgar knocked down Carmelo in a scramble. In the 21st minute, J Rowe passed the ball into the penalty area and Benzema didnt touch the ball. In the 21st minute, Carmelo hit Merino with his elbow when competing for the top, and was given a yellow card by the referee.

The 27th minute, Real Madrid left corner, by the opponent header to break. The 28th minute, gorosawell fouls and gets a yellow card. The 29th minute, Real Madrid free kick was ejected, cross outside the restricted area volley hit high. In the 31st minute, the competition enters the drinking time. In the 33rd minute, Baldwin passed and Benzema shot from the left side of the penalty area and was saved. In the 35th minute, kasemiros long-range shot outside the restricted area was caught by the goalkeeper. The 39th minute, the Royal Society opens the tactical corner ball, erdegao left cross is ejected, the teammate shoots far to hit the deviation. In the 42nd minute, vinesius cut the ball into the forbidden area on the left side and shot after passing. The goalkeeper of the other side saved the ball. In the first minute of stoppage time, Baldwin made a straight pass on the right side of kawahar, but none of his teammates in the penalty area got the ball. At the end of the first half, Real Madrid temporarily drew 0-0 away to royal society.

The 68th minute, the Royal Society opens the right corner, januzai outside the forbidden area shoots a long-range goal, but the referee thinks that the Royal Society has the player in the offside position to block the goalkeepers vision, the penalty goal is invalid.

The 70th minute, Baldwins right cross, Benzema in the restricted area after the shoulder stop, turned around to score, Real Madrid 2-0! Var replay confirms that Benzema has no handball and the goal is valid.

In the first minute of stoppage time, Carmelo passed and Mariano shot high. After six minutes of stoppage time, real beat Royal Society 2-1 away.

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