American police do not want to police autonomous region gun case police rescue drive away

 American police do not want to police autonomous region gun case police rescue drive away

According to local Seattle Times, American Axios news network and British and American media such as Reuters, the shooting took place at 2:30 a.m. local time on Saturday. Two men were shot in the shooting, one of them later died and the other was in critical condition.

But because the shooting took place in the free autonomous region occupied by anti racist and police violent demonstrators in the United States and opposed police entry, when Seattle police received the report and sent several police officers to prepare for the rescue of the wounded and investigation of the case, they were strongly rejected by the protesters at the entrance of the autonomous region, asking them to roll out Go .

(the screenshot is from a video produced by Seattle police about the night of the shooting. It shows the area where the shooting happened that night. Multiple shots can be heard.)

(the picture shows Reuters report on this matter. Reuters also distributed a picture of the entrance of the free autonomous region, which said you are entering the free Capitol Hill, with the slogan stop killing black people beside it.)

A video from a law enforcement recorder released by Seattle police showed that several police officers with guns and explosion-proof shields were ready to enter the scene of the crime and appealed to the surrounding crowd to cooperate through the radio. But it is clear in the video that local protesters are constantly surrounding to ask them to leave, saying that they are not welcome here, and some people are abusing the police hysterically.

As a result, the police had to drive their cars to evacuate the scene.

(the screenshot is from a video about the night of the crime made by Seattle police. It shows the scene that the police prepared to enter the crime site, but were repeatedly attacked and abused by the surrounding crowd.)

Later, Seattle police said in a statement about the case that they encountered violent people when they were on duty, which made them unable to enter the scene safely to search for the victims.

The statement also said police were later told that the victims of the shooting had been taken to the hospital by medical personnel among the protesters. The hospital said one of the 19-year-old gunmen had died and the other was still in danger.

At the end of the statement, Seattle police called on people to provide clues to the case, saying the suspect is still at large and the police could not provide a description of the suspect.

(screenshot from police statement)

At present, the case has attracted a lot of attention on the overseas social platform Twitter, and has once been on the hot topic list of twitter. Of course, different netizens views on this matter are also extremely split and antagonistic.

For example, under the case bulletin posted on twitter by the Seattle police, netizens who supported the protesters said that it was because the police showed up at the scene with guns and explosion-proof shields that people were disgusted; while netizens who supported the police said that the weakness of the mayor, the governor and the police chief caused the appearance of this situation, and they would vote for it They were ousted.

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