Inner Mongolia Ulan Muqi: take root, live in fertile soil and do everything for the people

 Inner Mongolia Ulan Muqi: take root, live in fertile soil and do everything for the people

Bearing in mind the general secretarys entrustment, the grassland red literature and art light cavalry, Wulan animal husbandry, will give performances and services to the farmers and herdsmen in spite of the weather. Where the people are, the service of Ulan animal husbandry will extend to where.

June 17 is the 63rd anniversary of the establishment of Ulan Muqi. These days, a series of activities of Wu Lan Mu Qi Yue u00b7 all for the people were carried out in the rural pastoral areas of Inner Mongolia. In addition to the traditional literary and art performances, this time, the grassland light cavalry also brought practical services such as theoretical propaganda, scientific knowledge, health diagnosis, poverty assistance and so on.

Such services will last for about two months. On June 17, 1957, the first Ulan animal husbandry ride was established on the grassland of Sunit Right Banner of Xilingol League. In the 63 years since its birth, Ulan animal husbandry ride has developed from the original 9 people, two vehicles and four musical instruments into more than 3000 members of 75 teams in the whole autonomous region.

November 21, 2017 was a memorable day for the Ulan animal riding team. They received a reply from general secretary Xi Jinping.

In July 15, 2019, general secretary Xi Jinping visited the Chifeng city of Inner Mongolia and watched the performance of the Ulan animal riding team. The general secretarys concern inspired the whole Inner Mongolia Wulan herding team. Wulan Muqi has gradually evolved from an original literary and art team into a comprehensive service team of sending policy, technology, literature and art, and medical treatment.

Ulan Muqi and Wang Dalai, a poor family in Yijinholo banner, formed a pair of helpers to help build a sheep shed of nearly 300 square meters for his family.

Since 2018, Inner Mongolia has established the grassland light cavalry volunteer comprehensive service team, which includes 220 professional volunteer teams, including theoretical advocacy, legal knowledge, health, poverty alleviation, ecological protection, etc.

On November 1, 2019, the regulations of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Ulan animal husbandry was officially implemented, and Ulan animal husbandry has been guaranteed from hardware facilities to policy funds. At the same time of performing traditional functions, Ulan Muqi started public welfare training courses and extended services. Nowadays, the volunteer service team of Wulan Muqi + has carried out comprehensive services in more than 2000 service points, such as remote rural pastoral areas, ethnic minority inhabited areas, border posts, etc.