The role of family civilization is irreplaceable

 The role of family civilization is irreplaceable

This speech came from the speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in December 12, 2016 when he met with the representatives of the first national civilized family.

Family, as the basic cell of society, is also an important position in the construction of spiritual civilization, and an important hand in cultivating and practicing the socialist core values. General secretary Xi Jinpings speech fully embodies the Central Committees great attention to the building of spiritual civilization, and its concern for hundreds of millions of families throughout the country, and provides an important basis for promoting the building of family civilization. We should pay more attention to family, family education and family conduct, and take the construction of family civilization as a long-term task, so that tens of millions of families will become an important basis for national development, national progress and social harmony, and a place where people dream to set sail.

The construction of family civilization attaches importance to advocating equal marriage and family relations between men and women, advocating the concept of respecting the old and loving the young, harmony between husband and wife, thrifty in running the family, unity of neighbors, and building spiritual civilization. Starting from the family, it can play a role of point to face, point to face.

No matter how the times change, no matter how the economic and social development, the important role of family in the development of civilization can not be replaced. Family is the smallest country, good for every family, good for the country, good for the nation; country is ten million, good for the country, good for the nation, good for the family.

In the construction of modern governance system, we must have a family perspective, build a social system that is conducive to the sustainable development of the family, form a good interactive relationship between the family and the society and the country, unify loving the family and patriotism, integrate the family dream into the national dream, and make the people build a good society and country in the process of pursuing family happiness.

(special expert in this issue: Sun Xiaomei, Professor, Department of womens studies, China Womens College)