2021 vv6 of RMB 148000-175000 will be officially launched

 2021 vv6 of RMB 148000-175000 will be officially launched

[official policy

The government also offers more preferential financial policies:

Smart replacement: limited time up to 20000 yuan replacement subsidy + 6 free basic maintenance

Smart Finance: super long 36 period zero interest; 365 days zero day supply; minimum 0 down payment;

Zhixiang warranty: 5 years or 150000 km long warranty; free lifetime warranty for the first owners engine and transmission

[adjustment of appearance details

The 2021 vv6 continues the overall design language of wey family, and at the same time, it upgrades the appearance details, optimizes the front fog lamp and the central network, and the overall style is more refined. The body lines follow the simple and atmospheric design principles to create a very firm and stable body posture.

[add vital signs monitoring to interior upgrade

The center console of the new car interior adopts the surround cockpit design which inclines to the drivers side. The design curve of the console is smooth and more ergonomic. The perceptible parts such as the center control and door panel armrest are covered with soft materials to improve the overall interior quality; in addition, the 12.3-inch color large screen of the center control is equipped to make the operation more convenient and easy to use, and greatly improve the cockpit technology sense. The new car provides four interior color matching (all black, black brown, brown rice and blue grey), which aims to create a different visual experience for users.

The 2021 vv6 is equipped with l2.9-level intelligent driving assistance system, which is superior to the others. It adopts single lane intelligent driving assistance, IACC intelligent cruise speed limiting assistance, AEB active emergency braking (with vehicle / pedestrian / bicycle identification), full-automatic parking, MEB low-speed emergency braking, elk emergency lane keeping, RCTB reverse lateral braking, RCW rear collision warning, 360 u00b0 look around (million HD), mod object The integration of body low-speed movement monitoring, Lck Lane center keeping, LCA parallel line assistance, door opening warning, intelligent evasion, intelligent turning and other functions will free users from fatigue driving and bring more intelligent and safe driving experience.

In addition, the intelligent safety system of the new car integrates the basic safety configuration on the basis of advanced intelligent driving assistance, including esp9.3 high dynamic body stability control system, EPB electronic hand brake, rain sensing automatic wiper, AVH automatic parking, HDC for steep descent, HHC for uphill assistance, TPMS for dynamic tire pressure monitoring, etc., and 6 airbags as standard.

The 2021 vv6 is equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as facial and voiceprint recognition system, iFLYTEK intelligent voice recognition, rear vital signs monitoring and DVR dash cam. Among them, the vital signs monitoring sensor, through a powerful sensor chip, can not only monitor the sleeping children or quiet pets in the back row, but also accurately identify the life larger than 10cm * 10cm * 10cm, reduce the false alarm interference caused by small creatures such as flying insects, and effectively ensure the accuracy of vital signs monitoring. When the vehicle is in the state of flameout and the lock is locked, it is located in the vehicle The ceiling millimeter wave radar above the inner B-pillar will enter the cycle monitoring state, and can work normally in extreme environments such as - 40 u2103 - 85 u2103. When there are weak vital signs in the back row, the vehicle will give an alarm prompt within 30 seconds, and cycle to monitor the state of life left in the vehicle within a certain period of time. During this period, it will give a warning through Whistle / double flash, and the cloud platform will synchronously send a message to the owners mobile phone wey The multi-dimensional alarms, such as message reminder and SMS reminder, are pushed by Dao app to ensure the life safety of the left alive to the maximum extent.

[using 2.0T power system

In terms of power, the new 2.0T engine adopts technologies such as electronic double channel turbocharging, new electronic control system, integrated cylinder head exhaust manifold, thermal management module, etc., with the maximum power of 167kw and maximum torque of 387n u00b7 m, matching 7dct gearbox, which fully meets the national six emission standards.


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