Premier League - Premier League - pulicics 2-1 win over Aston Villa

 Premier League - Premier League - pulicics 2-1 win over Aston Villa

The fifth minute, aspiriquita right 45 degrees cross, GIRU hit the top of the ball and deflected out of the right post. In the 21st minute, William crossed and passed to the top of the arc. Mounts volley from the forbidden area was blocked by Niland. In the 30th minute, William made a cross from the bottom of the right side, but there was no teammate in the middle, and the ball slipped through. Two minutes later, kovachic volleyed from the outside of the penalty area. After the ball bounced to the ground, Niland threw the ball away, but his second reaction was quick. He held the ball in front of the line. The 33rd minute, villa long pass forward, elgazi outside the restricted area right foot volley Kepa flying out. In the 40th minute, after munts right side broke through and crossed the door, chic took a slow step in his attack. One minute later, Alonso stopped the ball in the penalty area on the left side and stepped over a home team guard and was blocked.

In the 43rd minute, grilish knocked back from the right side of the penalty area. Douglas Lewis followed the right side 45 degrees and crossed. House and elgazi on the left side of the penalty area didnt play right. In the scuffle, the ball was blocked by Kepa. House shot in front of the door at close range, 1-0. In the second minute of stoppage time in the first half, Chelseas left corner was crossed, and kovachic stopped at the top of the arc and shot his right foot higher than the crossbeam.

In the 62nd minute, Chelsea overtook the score. In the middle of munt, aspiriqueta inserted the left side of the cross. In the middle of GIRUs forbidden area, he grabbed the ball and stopped. Then he turned his right foot and strafed the goal. Chelsea scored 2-1.

Villa (433): Niland / konsa, mins, house, taggett / holihan (70nacamba), Douglas Lewis, McKinley (87rota) / elgazi (70trezeguet), K. Davies (57samatta), greesh

Chelsea (433): Kepa / aspiquita, ludig, Christensen, Alonso / Chic (55plicic), Cantor, kovachic (55buckley) / William (90james), GIRU (80abrahan), Mount

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