Crazy 6-0! Barcelona abandon 1 minute 2 feet world wave Spaniard: too difficult

 Crazy 6-0! Barcelona abandon 1 minute 2 feet world wave Spaniard: too difficult

The 27th minute, the visiting team Martin - Aguirre Gabrielle near the middle circle pedals fouls to be sent off directly red card. In the 40th minute, Dennis Suarez knocked back on the right side of the penalty area. After stopping on the penalty area line, he shot a beautiful arc ball with his left foot and went straight to the upper left corner of the visitors goal, 3-0.

In the 41st minute, it was rafania again. The defender of the visiting team is not far away from the goal. Rafinha volleys directly without waiting for the ball to land on the ground. The ball bounces back into the net, 4-0.

In the 78th minute, the visiting team Harvey Lopez hit a man in the penalty area and CELTA was awarded a penalty again. In the second half, norlito, who was substituted by rafinha, made a 5-0 high goal.

In the 86th minute, nolito picked the ball in the penalty area, Santi Mina inserted it, and shot a single knife into the back of the penalty area to push the goalkeeper of the visiting team to lock the score, 6-0.

With the exception of the Spaniard, several of their relegation rivals have performed well this round. Mallorca 1-1 pingleganese, Eval 1-1 pinghetafe, CELTA 6-0 swept across Aravis, so the Spaniard returned to the position of deputy squad leader, and the gap from the security zone was widened to 5 points. Although the League still has eight rounds, in theory, the team still has the chance to protect the league, but in the competition, the Spaniard is left behind, the prospect of protection is very grim.

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