Pepsi is diagnosed? How to arrange the press conference in Beijing for the college entrance examination

 Pepsi is diagnosed? How to arrange the press conference in Beijing for the college entrance examination

[case details

22 confirmed cases were added on the 20th, with a minimum age of 1 year and 7 months

Pepsi Cola has been shut down due to confirmed cases

Fan Zhimin reported that as of 18:00 on June 18, 87 close contacts had been traced and all centralized isolation measures had been implemented. On June 15 and 20, the canteen, dressing room, workshop, hand washing area, toilet, assembly line, work area, etc. were completely eliminated twice.

[virus screening

Gao Xiaojun, a spokesman for the Beijing Municipal Commission of health, said that after the outbreak of the new outbreak, Beijing has rapidly expanded its nucleic acid detection capacity. As of June 20, the number of nucleic acid detection institutions has increased from 98 to 124, and the maximum detection capacity per day has increased from 100000 to more than 230000. Among the 124 institutions, there are 20 centers for disease control, 73 secondary and tertiary hospitals, and 31 medical laboratories. If 5:1 mixed inspection is adopted, nearly one million people can be detected every day.

Ten detection teams from Hubei, Liaoning and other places recently came to Beijing to assist in nucleic acid detection

Gao Xiaojun, spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Commission of health and health, said that in order to reserve and strengthen the strength of nucleic acid testing in Beijing and achieve the goal of carrying out nucleic acid testing in more people, the national health and Health Commission recently dispatched laboratory testing personnel from Hubei, Liaoning and other places to form 10 testing teams, totaling 212 testing personnel, to help improve the testing capacity of Beijing. It is estimated that after all of them are in place, about 30000 samples can be provided for Beijing every day. These 10 teams will arrive in Beijing to carry out their work in succession in the near future.

Advocate citizens to carry out rational testing without anxiety

Xu Hejian, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of Beijing Municipal Committee and spokesman of Beijing municipal government, said that Beijing should gradually do a good job in nucleic acid testing for six categories of personnel involved in the epidemic market and community in the new places. It is recommended that citizens conduct tests rationally. Citizens can make an appointment for tests. According to the suggestions of professional departments, citizens who have no travel history in high-risk areas, have no contact with high-risk personnel, and have no fever symptoms, please do not worry. According to the unified arrangement of the community, orderly participate in nucleic acid tests according to the appointment time, avoid unnecessary clustering, and minimize the risk of epidemic transmission.

Prepare for college entrance examination

Relevant plans for college entrance examination will be released after approval next week

Li Yi, deputy secretary of Beijing Municipal Education Working Committee and spokesman of Beijing Municipal Education Committee, said Beijing was concerned about the new college entrance examination program issued by the Ministry of education. No matter whether the requirements are for Beijing or not, Beijing will strictly implement the arrangement of the Ministry of education on the 2020 college entrance examination. He said that this years epidemic is a double challenge to Beijing. It is not only the college entrance examination under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, but also the first year after the implementation of the new college entrance examination reform plan.

Beijings examination conditions, examination procedures, arrangement of examination sites and examination venues, guarantee of epidemic prevention, emergency response, including how to wear masks, are all in the plan, which will be released to the society after Beijing completes the corresponding approval procedures next week.

It is suggested that the examinees should strengthen the protection before the college entrance examination and try to avoid the crowded places

Li Yi, deputy secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee and spokesman of the Beijing Education Committee, said that with the joint efforts of all departments in the city, schools and parents of teachers and students, Beijing held the second computer test of English listening for this years college entrance examination as scheduled yesterday. Judging from the examination situation, the examination rooms of all examination points in the city are in good order and the examination is completed smoothly.

The number of candidates taking the second college entrance examination is 39142. There are 17 test areas, 178 test points and 384 test rooms in the city. A total of 6 examinations are arranged throughout the day. All the candidates have successfully completed the examination.

[college epidemic prevention

Li Yi, spokesman of Beijing Municipal Education Commission: because there are classrooms, canteens, libraries, gymnasiums, restaurants, supermarkets, school hospitals and family areas in Colleges and universities, and more importantly, dormitories, public baths and public bathrooms with high density of residence, the management of epidemic prevention is very difficult. Before the start of school in September, and before the environmental monitoring and killing are completed, the possibility of students returning to school again is very small.

Students should communicate with each other about baggage packing and mailing to avoid one size fits all

Li Yi, deputy secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Beijing Municipal Committee and spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Education Committee, said that in response to the problems of luggage packing and mailing for the graduating grade, Li Yi said that Beijing requires colleges and universities to fully strengthen their care for graduates, fully consider the demands and feelings of students, and avoid simplification and one size fits all work. Before each measure, we should fully communicate with each student one-to-one and point-to-point, take corresponding solutions for different students special situations, and do a good job one by one.

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