Unswervingly carry out multilateralism -- chairman Xi Jinping presided over the special summit on Sino African solidarity and epidemic prevention and delivered a keynote speech, triggering a heated response from the international community.

 Unswervingly carry out multilateralism -- chairman Xi Jinping presided over the special summit on Sino African solidarity and epidemic prevention and delivered a keynote speech, triggering a heated response from the international community.

President Xi Jinping pointed out: we must uphold the supremacy of the people and the supremacy of life, co-ordinate resources, unite and cooperate, do our utmost to protect peoples life safety and health, and minimize the negative impact of the epidemic. People from all countries spoke highly of this.

Masala musabeliu, executive director of the Albanian Institute of globalization, said the epidemic was still spreading around the world, and the Chinese government, enterprises and social groups provided a large number of material assistance and technical support to African countries. Chinas joint efforts with African countries to fight the epidemic have encouraged the confidence and morale of African people, helped Africa overcome the impact of the epidemic as soon as possible, and restored economic and social development as soon as possible.

China Africa anti epidemic cooperation is a model of international cooperation against the epidemic. President of the world forum for equality in Belgrade, Serbia, Jovanovic said that China has provided African countries with testing reagents, medical protective equipment, respirators and other relief materials, and sent medical expert teams to many African countries, Chinas assistance is a timely help to African countries..

Frederick Duzer, director of the Institute of geopolitics at the eighth University of Paris, France, said that in the face of the epidemic, China has greatly assisted African countries and people, and put forward a series of measures to continue to work with African countries to fight against the epidemic at the summit. These concrete actions can not only help improve the health infrastructure of African countries, but also promote their economic recovery Reply.

Japans Meiji Universitys special Professor Hiroshi Tanabe said that China has actively sent medical expert groups, provided anti epidemic material assistance and shared epidemic prevention and control experience to many African countries, reflecting the humanitarian spirit. China Africa novel coronavirus pneumonia summit will help to promote solidarity and win out the new crown pneumonia situation in China and Africa.

Dai Ruo Gubi, chairman of the Northern Territory branch of the Australia China industry and Commerce Commission, said that China Africa friendship has a long history. When Africa is in difficulties, China can always give a lot of selfless assistance. At the summit, China promised to continue to provide material assistance to African countries, send medical expert groups, assist African countries in purchasing anti epidemic materials, and promise to take the lead in benefiting African countries after the completion and use of the new crown vaccine. These actions not only reflect China Africa friendship, but also Chinas responsibility as a responsible power.

This friendship is a solid foundation and source of power for China Africa cooperation and development

We unanimously decided to build closer Sino African fate community at the Beijing summit of China Africa Cooperation Forum. Today, when we hold the special summit on solidarity against the epidemic, we are not only implementing the commitments of the Beijing summit with practical actions, but also contributing to international cooperation in fighting the epidemic. I am confident that mankind will overcome the epidemic and that the people of Central Africa will eventually lead a better life. President Xi Jinpings speech not only laid a solid foundation for the future development of Sino African relations, but also injected strong positive energy for the international communitys solidarity and cooperation to overcome the epidemic at an early date.

Liliana alsovska, a researcher at the Asian African research center of the Mexico Institute, said China would work with G20 members to implement the G20 debt relief initiative, and called on the G20 to further extend the debt relief period for relevant countries, including African countries, on the basis of implementing the current debt relief initiative. This proves once again that China is a true friend of Africa in common weal and woe, reflecting Chinas important role in actively promoting international cooperation.

One belt, one road will bring together the capital and technology needed for the development of African countries and promote the quality of local talents, making an important contribution to the development of Africa, said Tatiana Jaich, director of the Russian Africa relations center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Chinas full support for Africas anti epidemic campaign deserves respect from the international community. Falker chapk, honorary president of Prussian Association in Berlin, Germany, has worked in Africa for many years, and he was deeply impressed by Chinas development assistance to Africa. He believed that China and Africa, adhering to traditional friendship and working together to fight the epidemic, played a model role in supporting multilateralism and strengthening international cooperation in fighting the epidemic.

George zogopoulos, a scholar at the nice Institute for European Studies in France, believes that in the face of the epidemic, China and Africa support each other, unite and cooperate, and show the world the spirit of destiny, sharing and overcoming difficulties. The friendship between China and Africa was established in this kind of side-by-side fighting and can stand the test of time.

Mousabe said that in the process of fighting the epidemic together, the friendship between China and African countries has been deepened, this friendship is a solid foundation and source of power for China Africa cooperation and development, and China Africa comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation will be developed at a higher level..

Interpreting the profound connotation of the community of shared future of mankind with practical actions

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a major challenge facing all mankind, and is the most serious public health emergencies since the end of the Second World War. In his keynote speech, President Xi Jinping stressed the need to unswervingly carry out multilateralism. In this regard, international people highly appreciate that Chinas advocacy of conforming to the trend of the times is essential for safeguarding multilateralism, international fairness and justice, and promoting international cooperation against epidemic diseases.

Tan Desai, director general of who, thanked China for its anti epidemic support to Africa. He said that the platform of the China Africa special summit on solidarity against epidemic is very important for strengthening global solidarity. The virus is accelerating its spread, and we can only defeat it if we act faster than the virus, and the most critical factor for rapid action is unity.

Japans Tsukuba University Honorary Professor Jin Teng said the virus has no national boundaries, and it is difficult to defeat the new crown virus by the strength of one country alone. Countries must abandon their differences, immediately stop politicizing and labeling the epidemic, and work together to strengthen cooperation.

Yuan De, executive deputy director of the Department of China and globalization Asian Studies at Mahidol University in Thailand, said that China has always been in an open, transparent and responsible attitude, sharing anti epidemic information to the international community in a timely manner, actively cooperating with other countries, providing medical material assistance to countries with severe epidemics and sending medical expert groups, interpreting the profound community of human destiny with practical actions Connotation .

Du Ze pointed out one belt, one road cooperation between China and Africa in the new situation is of great significance, and will create more opportunities and conditions for African countries to resume work and resume production, and will also bring strong impetus to the global economic recovery.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a common challenge facing all of mankind, said Evandro Carvalho, director of the Bazhong research center of the Vargas foundation of Brazil. Only by adhering to multilateralism and actively carrying out international cooperation within the multilateral framework can we effectively fight the epidemic. It is also an inevitable choice for maintaining international fairness and justice and achieving global peace and stability.