Beware of those who are afraid of entering! They garrison the mosquito kingdom and slap hundreds of them to death

 Beware of those who are afraid of entering! They garrison the mosquito kingdom and slap hundreds of them to death

One slap can kill more than 100


Mosquito infestation in Beiwan, Xinjiang

Border guards here

How to train, live and be on duty?

Playing basketball with cow dung

Burning thatch to go to the toilet

The Beiwan region of Xinjiang, together with the Amazon River in Latin America, Lake Chad and lake tangerka in Africa, is also known as the worlds four mosquito kingdom.

In midsummer, the area of Beiwan border defense company in Altay military area of Xinjiang stationed here is full of mosquitoes. According to the detection of relevant epidemic prevention departments, there are six categories of mosquitoes active in Beiwan. During the peak period of mosquitoes, there are more than 5200 mosquitoes per cubic meter, and more than 100 mosquitoes can be killed by one slap.

Playing basketball with cow dung, going to the toilet with thatch burning, holding class meetings under mosquito nets, and patrolling in cotton padded jacket in summer is a smooth pass handed down by the soldiers of Beiwan border defense company and a true reflection of the unique natural environment of the camp.

In addition to sleeping, the whole body of officers and soldiers is in a dynamic state. Before outdoor activities, they should burn some cow dung and wormwood in advance, spray mosquito repellent from head to foot and wear mosquito gauze, then they can safely carry out recreational activities.

Mosquitoes make officers and soldiers Scud

In the years of dancing with mosquitoes, mosquitoes have also turned officers and soldiers into Scud, because the slower they run, the more chances they will be bitten by mosquitoes. The companys 5K assessment result has always been the first in the whole regiment.

In late April every year, mosquitoes began to rage, and it lasted until the middle of September. Ordinary people couldnt bear it at all.

Yang Libao, a border defense company instructor, recalled that in the summer of 2017, the company built the wharf, and three construction teams came here one after another, but they all came on the first day and had to leave the second day because of too many mosquitoes. The original construction period of four months was delayed for one and a half years.

The workers left this place they couldnt bear, but the officers and soldiers of Beiwan border company, who are responsible for the defense task of more than 30 kilometers border between China and Kazakhstan, firmly rooted here.

Distribution of drugs and installation tools

Improve company environment

In recent years, the border defense facilities have been improved continuously, and the lives of officers and soldiers have been guaranteed.

Before the summer, the superior troops allotted 10 kinds of mosquito repellent and anti pain medicines for mosquito repellent gel, mosquito repellent and swelling and itching, and 20 sets of solar mosquito killing lamps were installed in the corner of the barracks. The number of mosquito killing can be filled with more than 20 Military washbasins daily.

In the past, officers and soldiers trained outdoors in summer. After being bitten by mosquitoes, they would have pus, shock and wound fester. Now, a new indoor training ground has been built in the company.

Although it is summer, officers and soldiers still wear thick anti mosquito clothing, anti mosquito caps and gloves when they are on duty. They also carry three treasures: essential balm, mosquito repellent and anti mosquito gauze.

Now officers and soldiers are wearing the sixth generation of anti mosquito clothing. However, in order to strengthen the effect of mosquito control, the fabric used in the production is relatively thick, the weather is hot in summer, and it will feel sultry when patrolling in the field.

Mosquitoes are changing the way of life of officers and soldiers, and also honing their will.

39 boundary monument patrol

Medal of honor for mosquito bites

Compared with the camp environment, the mosquitoes on the No. 39 boundary monument between China and Kazakhstan that the officers and soldiers patrol are more dense, and even the military dogs will be bitten intolerably.

On the day of patrol and investigation, Liu Zhiwei, a new recruit, volunteered to go to No. 39 boundary monument to feel the mosquito nest he had only heard of.

Check each others sealing condition of mosquito suits, spray mosquito repellents one by one at the positions easy to be exposed

In Beiwan area, there are many kinds of mosquitoes with high toxicity. Although the officers and soldiers have complete protective measures, they cant avoid being put into mosquito caps by mosquitoes.

Yan Long has been in the army for more than 8 years. If he is 50 years old according to the age of human beings, he is a real frontier veteran. In recent years, many military dogs have died from mosquito bites. In order to drive away mosquitoes from Yanlong, officers and soldiers set up kennels and mosquito nets.

Every year before summer, the company will build a shift tent in the dense forest area with the largest number of mosquitoes to provide repair and transit. Officers and soldiers wipe mosquito repellents and drink water in tents.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u6056789,container:ssp_ 6056789, async:true }(1); (); Beiwan officers and soldiers will never forget their original intention, never fear, and carry forward the companys three dont words spirit of mosquito bites dont say bitter, sacrifice dont say loss, defend the border dont say regret , faithfully perform the sacred mission of defending the border, and successfully complete the tasks centering on border guard duty. Hu Xijins comments on the conflict between China and India: China doesnt want the conflict but is not afraid of it. Source: CCTV news client responsible editor: Liu Xiaowu_ NN4113

Beiwan officers and soldiers will never forget their original intention and have no fear. They will carry forward the companys three dont say spirit of mosquito bites dont say bitterness, sacrifice dont say loss, defend the border dont say regret , faithfully perform the sacred mission of defending the border, and successfully complete all tasks centering on border guard duty.