Zhang Yuqi responded to Luo Zhixiangs split: I did it. Whats the matter?

 Zhang Yuqi responded to Luo Zhixiangs split: I did it. Whats the matter?

Zhang Yuqi is the first female star who openly sends video with the connotation of Luo Zhixiangs split.

Today, when the host talked about the fish cutting, Zhang Yuqi responded generously: I did it. Whats the matter?

She worked with Luo Zhixiang and admitted that he was talented and interesting.

Can just pay attention to his video number, the next day exposed cheating, really angry!

Zhang Yuqi replied, they cant control me. They cant be scolded. What can they do?

Zhang Yuqis mouth is famous for its quickness and straightness in the entertainment circle.

In recent years, the entertainment circle has become more and more autistic.

Star big V carefully, in the face of public events, to keep quiet, lest a disaster from the mouth.

Zhang Yuqi is a wonderful flower in this circle. No matter whether you accept it or not, she doesnt spit it out and says what she wants.

On the Internet, more and more people began to nickname Zhang Yuqi - Tigress, qiqizi, earthly rich woman, Xiaoyu, tie Hanhan

Its not because of her beauty and figure, but because of 33 year old women, most of whom are mature, reserved and calm.

And Zhang Yuqi often behaves like a simple little girl.

As an authentic Shandong sister, Zhang Yuqi really makes Shandong people honest and straightforward, and gives a full play.

Three days ago, Zhang Yuqis first live delivery of goods caused a wave of climax because she forced the audience in the studio to seek benefits.

The price of iPhone 11 offered by the supplier is 4299. Zhang Yuqi said it was too expensive, and had to be reduced to 3899.

Because of the price problem, Zhang Yuqi quarreled with the anchor for a long time, which made her upset. She said directly:

If Apple cant, its Huawei.

It was not until Wu Xin explained that Ding Dang was protecting her voice that Zhang Yuqi realized:

Oh! It turns out shes singing, isnt it? I dont understand!

The voice just fell, and the scene was full of laughter.

A study dregs, unexpectedly worried that study bully cant finish homework?

Gao Leng, the domineering elder sister, has broken a lot of stereotypes and let us constantly refresh our understanding of this impudent ghost.

After the performance, Zhang Yuqi stepped on a small, nervous and cheerful step and rushed to the jury seat. Even she rarely praised peoples peace, she called out lovely.

The judges used the euphemism to give the X card to be determined. Everyone knew that x represented the negative words such as danger, elimination of the edge and not outstanding enough.

The judges were embarrassed to pour cold water on it, so they said, you can understand that..

Zhang Yuqi really thinks shes doing great!

When the other players in table x whisper and worry, Zhang Yuqi responds:


This mouth, indeed, did not bring her less criticism.

Some people hate that she talks too much and chirps annoyingly in her sister in the wind and waves;

Someone picked up her and her ex husbands past events, only because the anchor said, we will have feelings live together. Zhang Yuqi replied, I believe in nothing but feelings..

Others called her bitch..

Because in a simple love program, two girls like the same person, but one is quiet and passive, fighting and robbing, the other is actively striving and pursuing.

Zhang Yuqi publicly supported the latter.

When I hate, I fight and kick, even use a knife.

Love is like glue, telling the world.

When her ex husband Wang Quanan went whoring, she said she shared the responsibility;

Wang Xiaofei, a former paparazzi gossip, was newly married. She gave her white eyes and sincere wishes on Weibo.

Jiang Sida, the host, once asked Zhang Yuqi, if two people quarrel, who is usually going to make peace?

Zhang Yuqis amazing quotations are indeed many, and there is no lack of lace news, but you rarely see her hiding.

As she said, when the mood comes, she will express it, otherwise she will feel sad.


Netizens call her the inland version of qiansong Yi, which is not unreasonable.

Shes stinky and fashionable.

Give a pair of shoes to the netizen Amway: this pair of shoes will appear to have long legs, but the fat feet may not fit well. If you want to wear it, you may have to lose weight on your feet.

I didnt come up with a specific way to lose weight.

She has a lot of money.

When measuring his weight in challenge space, Tian Liang found that he was 95 Jin thin. Tian Liang asked, Im not satisfied with this machine. Zhang Yuqi said happily:

Im so satisfied. I want another 50. I want all my relatives and friends to send one.

Dont look at Zhang Yuqis domineering features. She is really a proper Princess and girl in her heart.

She explained why pink memories was the song for the competition, for the following reasons:

Go to KTV to sing this song, and find that MV is too ugly. I think that after I sing it, I can change it into my own picture.

She has participated in a program, one of the abnormal links is to complete the task barefoot on the fingerboard.

No wonder everyone said that Zhang Yuqi had a clever face, but she was a stupid beauty.

In the past, Zhang Yuqi was just a rich woman with a broken diamond under one carat is not worth money, 30000 yuan of chanel bags are suitable for buying vegetables and my pursuers are in France.

She is an independent woman who tells a girl, if no man gives you a diamond, buy one for yourself with struggle;

Its the blanket bully mocked in Cannes red carpet. The atmosphere explains:

The narcissism of girls with delicate makeup take dozens of photos by themselves in the elevator. I didnt take my mobile phone to take photos on the red carpet, so I have been very restrained.

He is the ultimate Challenger braver than male artists.

Zhang Yuqi raised her hand to try the hanging pole climbing link, which scared men to give up one after another.

Ear hunting wind howling, bow ten thousand feet deep, she insisted to the end.

Looking back, the victory smile, there is a kind of breathtaking beauty.

She also had weak helplessness.

Being deliberately slandered by the marketing number, passers-by mentions Zhang Yuqi and criticizes her for love hype.

Looking at the bad comments, she was disappointed: who will stir fry with his pain?

This bully female star also has a soft side.

In this era when few stars dare to tell the truth and be true to themselves, Zhang Yuqi, who is not sensible and not intelligent, is really a little cute.