Huang Xiaoming and Huang Shengyi are double marks in sister riding the wind and waves! Dont you think?

 Huang Xiaoming and Huang Shengyi are double marks in sister riding the wind and waves! Dont you think?

Some netizens joked: Mango wants to let sisters ride the wind and waves, and sisters teach mango what is bloodbath.

Someone said: what do you think the aunts are riding? Its a bloodbath. What waves are broken? Its making waves.

In fact, if you look at the lineup, you cant use your sisters to perform the program. Its enough to support the effect of the program if you just gather together to chat.


Huang Xiaoming, the master of water delivery, is just holding high and stepping low

What? Huang Xiaomings adventure? Are you sure youre talking about Pope Huang? Is your Huang Xiaoming and my Huang Xiaoming alone?

Yes, in Chinese restaurant, Huang Xiaoming, who claimed that everyone should listen to him, changed.

There are also netizens who directly Po out the changes of Xiaoming in the two programs.

Its really a double standard!

Not only that, as soon as the program started, Huang Xiaoming frantically tweeted calls for her sisters, each of whom had a customized poster. Carefully, he also published it strictly in the order of capital letters to prevent it from being sprayed. He was nicknamed master duanshui.

It has to be said that this kind of contrast really sucks a lot of powder for Huang Xiaoming, and the people who are about to collapse in the past also have a trend of recovery.

We can first look at the configuration of Chinese restaurant 3: Huang Xiaoming, Qin Hailu, Wang Junkai, Yang Zi, Lin Shuwei.

Among the four people except Huang Xiaoming, only Qin Hailus coffee can be compared with Xiaoming.

Without Zhao Weis suppression, and with the supremacy of the store managers seat given by the program group, he took off directly in situ.

Regardless of other peoples feelings, regardless of the actual situation, Huang Xiaoming, who has only one heart and only one self, is naturally sprayed seriously by netizens.

Its not easy to be an actor in sister in the wind and waves. Why dont you think its not easy to be an assistant.

Such a double standard, its not a contrast, its just being held down by reality.

Huang Shengyi did come here with the heart of C. in the early stage, she became the focus of the whole audience with a wedding dress.

She took part in the sister in the wind and waves, many netizens also called for her, but it turned black.

Because Huang Shengyi in the program can be called the uneducated double standard behavior, it is amazing.

1. Exchange of seats with Meng Jia

Because of the complexity of makeup, Huang Shengyi was the last to arrive at the waiting area, and the stairs were already full of people.

At this time, Meng Jia took the initiative to move away from the first row and sit in the back. Zhang Yuqi warmly greeted Huang Shengyi.

Her royal highness, Huang Shengyi, went to her seat gracefully with her skirt, and Meng Jia arranged her skirt for her in the rear.

But Huang Shengyi didnt look at Meng Jia, let alone say thanks.

2. The same as blue yingying

Huang Shengyi, who was the 12th to appear earlier because of the tight wedding dress when he freely chose the order of appearance, shouted

Ill discuss it with (who), Ill be earlier.

On the stage, smelling the coffee in Mengjias cup, Huang Shengyi turned to Mengjia and said, I want some, too.

After Mengjia handed the cup up, she took a shallow SIP and handed it back, waiting for Mengjia to bring it.

In this process, we are communicating with Zhang Yuqi, without even giving Meng Jia a look, we regard her as a waiter.

4. Staff services

During backstage preparation, Huang Shengyi held up his headset and didnt know what he was doing. Later, the staff came forward

Put on the earpiece for her, then I know that this is waiting for someone to serve.

Not only that, after the stage, let the staff set up the microphone and spread the skirt, the little princess didnt even use the word please.

You should know that other little sisters are self-reliance. Yuan Yonglins little sister also installed her own microphone. The microphone had been falling down during the singing process, which almost affected the performance. She did not ask the staff to help.

After singing the song, Huang Shengyi changed his seat and left his shoes in the original position because of the large skirt.

You know, its not a simple matter to lift skirts. Its to lift shoes.

The proud princess can also pretend not to see, as if everything is taken for granted.

If we can forget to say thanks for the first time and thanks for the second time, but we still forget it for the third, fourth and fifth time, it is intentional.

Besides, she doesnt always forget that she can still remember when should remember.

Muxin said: educated people, to the coachman, the bathroom attendant, any delivery of goods, never perfunctory.

Maybe Huang Shengyis invincible family gives her a sense of disrespect, but she may be a little lacking in cultivating this kind of thing.


Recently, a moving picture was wildly circulated on the Internet. How many people were killed by Zheng Xiyis nod!

This is what Zheng Xiyi didnt expect. She nodded to the umbrella staff member to thank her unintentionally. She would fire all over the network.

In fact, in addition to respect for others, cultivation is also reflected in the embarrassment of others, not showing their superiority, making people feel comfortable without pressure.

While waiting for others to arrive, Shen Mengchen chats with Wanxi and says that she and her mother are watching her TV series.

Talking about half how cant remember the name of the TV play, the scene was once very embarrassing, Wanxi directly said its OK to make Shen Mengchen laugh.

Not only Wanxi, but also miss lanyingying.

When tranquility and Yi Nengjing enter the arena, the power of two tranquilities directly brings the whole waiting area together to say hello.

Because of her shyness, Meng Jia looks around and doesnt know how to get in. LAN Yingying takes notice of her situation and pulls her to her side at the first time. Meng Jia also smiles gratefully at her.

A truly cultured person will not embarrass, discriminate against anyone, any profession or any status.

Details will not fully show a persons character, but will expose a persons upbringing.

Chen Daoming once said: education and culture are two things. Some people are very literate, but they are very uncultured. Some people do not have very high education and knowledge, but they are still very cultured.

Do not put yourself in a superior position, will not let her people because of their own embarrassment, even if the other partys position and wealth are not as good as themselves, can still give the other party the same respect.

It is said that education determines a persons life level.

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