Who is going to be the c-player of the Internet company?

 Who is going to be the c-player of the Internet company?

If you havent followed up on sister breaking the waves, its time for you to reflect on whether the Internet infrastructure in your village hasnt kept up with the times.

So I suddenly thought: if the major Internet companies also come to participate in a group draft, who would you pick up?

Lets go into the Internet company to see the wonderful performance of all the players

Would you please introduce yourself?

Why do you want to join the Internet company?

What do you think is your biggest advantage in forming a group?

What do you want to prove when you join this program?

What do you have that no one else has?

If you can form a team, what can you contribute to the team?

If you are an Internet person, but cant understand all the obstacles implanted in this article, then I sincerely suggest you: change your career, houlang!

If you are not an Internet person, it doesnt matter if you dont understand it well. Dont be interested in the Internet industry unless you want to work overtime in 996.

After watching the group display of major Internet companies, who do you pick? Comment area message, send your favorite idol!