My girlfriend is good at work. I just said a few wrong words and she broke up.

 My girlfriend is good at work. I just said a few wrong words and she broke up.

But, Im sorry, breaking up is breaking up, there are not so many reasons.

My little sister just broke up with her boyfriend recently. Shes completely separated.

Little sister Xiaoxiao and her boyfriend, Mr. Jiang, have been in love for about half a year. I thought that they would go on like this all the time.

The turning point of the relationship may be Xiaoxiao talking about her parents.

Xiaoxiao said: I always thought that my parents divorced because, as my mother said, my father cheated on the young junior and abandoned our mother and daughter.

The reason why I realized this problem was that I had a relationship with my boyfriend at that time. In my junior year, I met a boy. We fell in love with each other very much. In addition, we were classmates. After we had known each other for a long time, we determined the relationship between men and women.

When I went home in winter vacation, I accidentally let slip and told my family that I had a boyfriend. Unexpectedly, my mothers attitude was extreme for a while. She asked me to break up and said that there was no good man in the world.

After quarreling with my mother, I realized that maybe when my father and my mother were together, he might not be happy in this marriage.

After my parents get divorced, my father will send the living expenses to our brothers and sisters every month as agreed.

But almost every time they met, my father was so scolded that he couldnt even watch our neighbors.

I later called my dad and told him that I had a boyfriend and my dad was happy for me.

I also asked him if it was really because someone was outside that I divorced my mother.

Surprisingly, I heard another truth in my fathers mouth. He didnt cheat on the so-called junior.

Its just his colleagues at work. They didnt cheat. My mother is jumpy. Seeing which girl my father is close to, I think my father must have cheated.

My father said that the reason for the divorce is that I cant stand my mothers nature and Im too tired.

Xiaoxiao finished, crying for a long time, many years ago, the past, vividly.

After their parents divorced, their mother took their brother and sister alone, often scolding them for a little thing.

Therefore, Xiaoxiao is particularly afraid of becoming a mother.


Mr. Jiang hugged her and said, you are totally different from your mother. You will not become your mother. Dont worry. I am here.

Xiaoxiao also believes that she and her boyfriend will not repeat the same mistakes, not like her parents marriage, one is suspicious, ill tempered, and one dare not solve the problem.

She always believed that she would get married with her boyfriend. He is such a warm person. It shows that God is not thin on him to meet him.

Its a pity that the trend of emotion cant be as she wishes.

One night, Mr. Jiang met several friends he hadnt met for many years and was drunk to death.

Seeing that he had drunk unconscious, Xiaoxiao was full of complaints.

Mr. Jiang asked, what is every time? I can only drink wine twice a month at most. Dont be weird!

Xiaoxiao didnt want to quarrel, so he replied: every time you get drunk, you will get nervous. You are sick.

Mr. Jiang said half jokingly and half seriously, you are sick. Look at you. How much like your mother!

The reason why she told her boyfriend about her parents divorce before was that she believed in her boyfriend and she trusted him.

However, Mr. Jiang didnt seem to realize that there was something wrong with saying this, and he repeated it several times.

She thought hard all night and finally decided to break up.

The next day, Mr. Jiang woke up after drinking and refused to break up. What else did he say? Just a few words? Do you think about it? I didnt mean to. I was just joking. Did you break up with me just because of this?

Its a pity that Xiaoxiao didnt hesitate this time. She was determined to break up.

After they broke up, Mr. Jiang was drunk for several nights in a row. He couldnt understand: just a few words. Why does his girlfriend look so heavy and have to break up? As for such a small belly?

For Xiaoxiao, he can face the past and summon up courage to tell his boyfriend the unhappy past, because he cares about him and believes that he will not hurt himself.

Its a pity that the biggest harm comes from the one he loves most. He is invisible and has done a lot of damage in her heart.


As an outsider, we can not deny whether we are sorry for the ending of such a separation.

But, without exception, each of us in love, care about different points.

Its not easy for those who were hurt in childhood to be afraid of that kind of injury to reappear and be able to talk about the past.

If the other half can embrace themselves and slowly heal the past injuries, this is undoubtedly the best.

The more intimate people are, the more they know what they care about. Sometimes a careless word will completely break each other up.

Speak well, it seems simple, but its not so easy.

Only when we really care about each other, can we help her to avoid the sharp edges, not to say harsh words, not to do things that hurt her, which is the most necessary spirit of responsibility in love.


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