Because of the epidemic, I understand those things after living in my boyfriends house for 90 days!

 Because of the epidemic, I understand those things after living in my boyfriends house for 90 days!

In the spring of 2000, a sudden outbreak caught everyone by surprise. For all the meeting plans after the winter vacation, we overturned and re established them, which could be postponed for another time.

Finally, on March 15, 2000, I packed my bags, summoned my courage and went to love.

The train arrived at Hadong station at 8:23 p.m. and Xiao Song was waiting for me at the exit of the station, but I was in the station and had a fight with the police officer. Because there was no community reception certificate, I could only be persuaded to return. At 9:30 p.m., the police officer took me to the window of the ticket office to buy the ticket for the return journey at 7:00 a.m. the next day. All the development was so natural, as if it could only be so.

At the window of the ticket office, it was the first time I saw Xiao Song. Because Xiao Song didnt receive my concern, he was going to buy a ticket to come in and accompany me. We sat on the bench in the waiting hall, feeling helpless, but both of us were calm and comforted each other.

Until midnight, I had been answering the phone call of the police, contacting with my family, Xiao Songs family, and the landlord of the rental house. The waiting hall of Hadong station ran many times upstairs and downstairs, and the answer was the same - advise back.

At two oclock in the middle of the night, we went to sleep. On the bench, Xiao Song was sitting. I was lying on Xiao Songs leg.

At six oclock in the morning, I was woken up by a phone call. It was Xiao Songs mother who called. She said it could be opened to prove that we could go home.

At 6:30 a.m., I walked out of the station, took Xiao Songs hand, and saw the sky in Harbin. It was very cold in my memory that morning. It was snowing with goose feather. I took a taxi, and finally I could go home.

In fact, looking back on that night, I felt mixed feelings in my heart when I was sitting on the bench. I had the joy of seeing each other again for a long time, and the panic when the accident came. For a moment, I was helpless. But from the moment when song stepped into the station and sat beside me, I seemed to be at ease.

No matter what happens when you open your eyes the next day, just see it.

The next day when I arrived at Xiaosongs house, if I said that to love someone is to love all of her, Xiaosong seemed to prefer my feet!

April 9 10:32

There was a time when I was magic. Every morning, I opened my eyes in the quilt, played with my cell phone for a while, turned to the right, and read a mantra: Mami Mami coax, my husband Im hungry!!!

In a few minutes, there will be a boiled noodles and a runny egg beside me.

10:50, April 15

April 17, 20:19

Cooking for the first time at Xiao Songs house.

April 19th

April 23 9:37

Xiao Song has a habit of sleeping. He likes to wrap himself up like a caterpillar. One morning when I got up and went to the toilet, I left only one quilt corner for me.

On labor day, the working people are the most glorious. Finally, I also experienced the feeling of taking a four-wheel car in the farmland.

Its cool and cool.

Coordinates, farm, theres an enemy in 355 direction. Hurry up, open the camera and aim at people.

May 7 12:19

Xiaosong unlock new skills: three delicacies.

Harm, tomorrow morning can rely on the beauty of a melancholy man, but in the evening must be a fool.

May 18th

That day was 521 days when we were together. My mother and Xiao Songs mother met each other through video for the first time.

May 24 18:04

May 25, 18:04

That day, we two were making trouble on the sofa. I bit him. I dont know why. When we let it go, it became like this (Shhh, maybe because it was so hard ~)

Then, in order to move back to a city, he suggested that we should guess boxing and lose the bullet bag. Then my fingers became like this.

Later, I got a plate of fruit tied with toothpicks.

12:30, May 27

I wanted time to stop at that moment.

June 1st 19:14

Childrens day, another unlock new skills, kung pao chicken.

June 3, 17:20

I forgot the reason for the sand sculpture. I put my toes in his nostrils.

Because his photo doesnt match me, I can only pick him out and paste him in my photo.

Before I left, I had the braised pepper made by Xiao Song. It was delicious.

June 6 (nine days before leaving)

June 10 (five days before leaving)

To do the nucleic acid test and get a needle, Xiao Song immediately bought me a bone free chicken claw.

Whats missing makes up for whats missing.

June 11th (four days before leaving)

Aunts birthday, we go to get cake, but when shopping, Xiao Song bought me new earrings.

Im sorry, auntie. Your son let me turn away.

June 12 (three days before leaving)

Its one oclock in the middle of the night. During the day, as usual, but before we all went to bed, Xiao Song put me in his arms and tried very hard. Then neither of us spoke very well and cried silently. Xiao Songs ears were full of tears, but I couldnt cry at last.

June 13 (two days before leaving)

I need romance, too.

June 15th

One and a half years after falling in love, I began to have a formal long-distance relationship~

When I went to grandmas house again, the goose eggs had already hatched the young.

What is worth mentioning:

Once, I said to Xiao Songs mother that I like to eat chicken wings with coke, and then I got ten jin chicken wings and pig hind legs. Thats how the meat in the back is roasted.

See here, some people cant help but doubt, your boyfriend, so good to you, you always bully him, let him eat feet, let him cook for you and wash fruit.

I would like to say that love is for two people, and love is also a two-way payment, no one will not get the return will be willing to pay.

And the emotional details you see are just what I want you to see.

Although every day together, but in these three months, we said the most one sentence is, I love you.

In fact, we have quarreled many times, just to recall with the current mood, those memories that seem to be part of my slowly disappearing memory have been incomplete and irrelevant.

In my opinion, every time we quarrel, its because of our deep love. Of course, there are some unreasonable times, but we will solve the problem of the day before going to bed, and then hug each other to sleep.

Sometimes, I would like to thank the epidemic for giving us a chance to get along with each other this time, so that I can have a deep understanding of his family, and let the two of us gradually run into one person. Because in a short period of time, we will not have such an opportunity to stay together every day. Instead of sharing life by mobile phone, we can live together.

Three months is enough for us to grow up.

My friends envied both of us. I told her not to envy.

At the age when people around us are in love, we seem to have experienced the life after marriage in advance. In fact, Im not sure whether its right or wrong to do so, but at present, neither of us is bored, and we miss this time especially after we leave.

Love between two people is a very abstract thing, a feeling, but if love is not implemented in the real life of dressing, eating, counting money, sleeping, it is not easy to last forever.

So, if the end of love is life, which is the kind of life with Xiao Song in these three months, then, I would like to.

He Xi asked Sanmao: do you have to marry a rich man.

Sanmao: if you dont like it, the multimillionaire will not marry. If you like it, the billionaire will marry.

Josie: Well, you still have to marry the rich.

Sanmao: there are exceptions.

Josie: what about me?

Sanmao is very careful to answer: not much, not much, later you can eat less.