When the tank car exploded, she had 76 missed calls: middle-aged people were most afraid that no one would answer the phone

 When the tank car exploded, she had 76 missed calls: middle-aged people were most afraid that no one would answer the phone

In search and rescue, I was particularly impressed by one thing.

The firefighters followed the location of the mobile phone ring, digging with their hands and instruments, and kept dialing the mobile phone number, but they had not been connected.

After searching for more than ten hours, the mobile phone rings more and more clearly, and the search and rescue personnel speed up the digging. When the last layer of soil is excavated, the mobile phone finally appears in front of everyone, and there is a pink lady bag beside it, but unfortunately, the owners body image is not seen. The screen of her mobile phone is fixed at 76 missed calls.

The owner of this mobile phone is afraid that he will never hear the ringing of the phone. Her husband has called so many times, just holding the belief that he must find her no matter whether he is alive or dead. He also knows that if she is still alive, how can he not answer the phone all the time?


I remember that just after my mothers lung resection, in order to facilitate her to contact us, I also equipped her with a mobile phone, which was placed on her bed and could call us at any time.

Every day when I go to work, I think about my mother. She is very ill. Although she has had surgery, she is still unknown. As long as I am free, I will call my mother and hear her gentle voice, so I can feel at ease.

However, its useless to be afraid any more. After all, my mother left me forever.

During that time, I was in a trance and thought my mother was still there.

One day, I dialed her phone and listened to the ringing inside, but no one answered. I called again and again, but no one answered. The mobile phone and moms clothes were put together in a box, because there was still a fee on it, so I didnt call to remind me of the arrears or the like. After dozens of calls, I realized that there was no one to answer the number. I hung up in despair and cried loudly.

In middle age, Im afraid of the end of the phone. My favorite person cant answer it any more. The pain is really heartbreaking.

After the outbreak in Wuhan, we saw the most sad scene in a short recording.

At the gate of the hospital, the medical staff sent the remains to the family members.

A young woman came to pick up her mothers relics. The doctor said, I took the bracelet from your mothers hand and handed it to her along with a mobile phone.

The woman seems to say thank you, but in her eyes, are trying to control the grief. My mother and she have been separated from each other. I havent even seen them at the last time. These are the only things I can see again. The owner of that mobile phone can never answer the phone.

Another young man came to pick up his fathers relics. The doctor handed him a paper bag and said, lets have a look. the young man opened it and there was a mobile phone inside. He choked and asked, my father Did you say anything?

The doctor shook his head and said, no, No.. The young man couldnt conceal his loss and said, he didnt answer the phone call later.


The joys and sorrows of the world. Some people, you think its just a temporary goodbye, but dont want to turn around is forever.

My husband said that the old lady was suffering from cardiovascular disease. My colleagues rushed back to the hospital immediately after receiving the phone call. When they arrived at the hospital, they couldnt do it. It was only four hours before and after. It was so sudden.

My colleague is still muddled up to now. His mother has gone for more than ten days, but he still hasnt slowed down. He said: only when there is a mother, there will be a home. In the future, there will be no mothers figure in that home, and no mothers voice will be heard on the phone.

A sigh.

Life is the meeting and parting one after another. Maybe one day, in the face of empty bed, neat quilt and milk powder, he will slowly accept the impermanence and cruelty of fate.


The other day, I heard that my aunt in my hometown was ill and had been discharged from hospital, so I went to see her.

Unexpectedly, one day her aunt had a brain attack at home. At the last moment of her residual consciousness, she called her daughter-in-law, but she couldnt say a complete word. She only knew ah, the younger sister-in-law at that end of the phone, with her professional habit of being a doctor, guessed that her aunt must be suffering from a sudden illness, ran for 20 kilometers with an ambulance, and picked her up from home.

Fortunately, the aunt saved her life in time, but her mouth was a little sloppy, but it was a lucky thing. Uncle smiled with a lost face and said that if she didnt have the heart to call her daughter-in-law, it would really be over. If she called someone else, she would probably guess that she accidentally pushed it out. No one would think that she was ill. The doctor would have this vigilance.

My cousin is also very happy: its very good. Even if Im stupid, Im ok. I can call my mother when I enter the door, and I feel very happy.


In an interview program of a satellite TV, Liu Yan, an actor, talks about his father and starts crying in front of the public.

Liu Yan said she has only seen her father wear a suit twice in her life. One was in her parents wedding photos, and the other was her parents 40th wedding anniversary. She arranged a supplementary wedding for the old couple. At the wedding, everyone praised his father as super handsome in a suit. He said to Liu Yan, Ill wear it when you get married.

Liu Yan said:


Yes, the wind is uncertain and people are changeable. No one knows which comes first tomorrow or accident. The only thing we can do is to cherish the present, the people you love the most, and the people who love you the most.

The mountains and rivers are vast, and the human fireworks make every day worth living.

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