Snail and oriole bird by Lin Yun and Zhang Xincheng

 Snail and oriole bird by Lin Yun and Zhang Xincheng

Fang Xiaolei, a simple girl, meets Li Zhenyan, a keeper on the way, and the picked up iceberg talented students have the talent and strength. The decathlon of cooking and cleaning the ground is unfolded. The trilogy that the dumb young girl reaches Gao Lengs school grass is unfolded.

As long as its your dream, Ill be with you. this sweet and explosive movement is about to start. Li Zhenyan and Fang Xiaolei were taught by the same music tutor, and they were forced to play together. Li Zhenyan from the beginning does not cooperate, to feel Fang Xiaoleis love for music, ignited his dream of recovering music. The two people kept running in and achieved amazing results, which opened a pure love relationship of love and killing each other. I must be more important in your heart than I imagined! how much you dislike me, how much you like me. online teaching of walking advertising transmitter, when the genius meets the eccentric, high sugar warning.

Music PK of youth Band

In addition, the play also shows the s symphony orchestra composed of the chosen by fate and the key string confrontation between the a symphony orchestra composed of top students. The loser will automatically disband the orchestra. This music PK about honor and destiny, who can win? Its curious.

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Creative performance, four hand joint play, band battle Under the complicated drama core and exciting plot, the actors are young and the opponents plays are brilliant. What kind of musical note collision will happen to the main members of walking cello, human metronome, Ramen chief and other orchestras? What kind of top-level music feast will be presented? It will be officially played tonight and announced one by one.

Snail and oriole bird is produced by mango super media, Tianyu media, mango TV, SMG Shangshi film industry, Zhenhe era, and Yuanyi media. It will be broadcast in Golden Eagle solo theater of Hunan Satellite TV tonight. Mango TV, iqiyi and Tencent video will be launched on the whole network at the same time, playing the symphony of star light and honey love together.