To prove that he didnt have Parkinsons, trump, 74, fought

 To prove that he didnt have Parkinsons, trump, 74, fought

In the first campaign rally after the new crown epidemic, in order to prove that he is very healthy, President trump of the United States made a little bit of this operation at the meeting He drank water in a single hand cup, and demonstrated himself on the stage how he walked down the slope with a small step at West Point Military Academy, which caused the audiences supporters to laugh.

A week later, trump held its first election rally since the outbreak of the new crown in the United States on the night of June 20 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tens of thousands of people attended the rally and trump delivered an hour and 40 minute speech, US media reported. To prove his health, the US business insider website said trump spent several minutes explaining his performance at West Point at the rally that day.

You see - I just saluted nearly 600 times (to about 600 West Point cadets), I just made an important speech, I was sitting there listening to others, I was being baked, I was being baked like a cake. Trump said, I said, general, I cant get off the ramp without falling, general.

Trump then showed how he had made a small step down the slope, and the crowd responded with laughter and applause.

In addition, trump accused the media of maliciously editing and deliberately pinching off the end of the video: he admitted that he was walking down the ramp with small steps, but the last 10 feet were running down.

Business insider said trump appeared to be annoyed by concerns about his health and said first lady Melania had told herself that some people thought he had Parkinsons.

In order to prove his health, trump picked up the water cup with one hand at the meeting, took a few sips, and then threw the remaining half of the water and cup onto the platform.

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