How dirty is the gym? You cant imagine!

 How dirty is the gym? You cant imagine!

Equipment with rust smell after others use it

There are buttons and handles covered in oil

See these, really will let inverse elder sister such clean addiction, minute wants to pop up.

In terms of the total number of bacteria, the total number of bacteria on the spinning bike is 39 times of that on the buffet plate, 74 times of that on the treadmill, and 362 times of that on the toilet seat!

The most common high-risk bacteria on these fitness equipment is gram-positive cocci, which are very easy to cause skin infection and skin tissue damage. In addition to this, there are also Gram-positive bacteria and bacillus, which can cause eye and respiratory tract infections.

So she said, dont underestimate the health problems in the gym. If you dont handle them well, minutes will kill you..

So whats the reason why the gym is so dirty.

There is also a great flow of people in the gym. Sweat, saliva and body fluids secreted by people in the process of exercise will be left on the equipment. In a constant temperature and high humidity environment like the gym, bacteria will multiply in large numbers, which will further worsen the health condition of the gym.

In the end, I will arrange several ways to help you do a good job of scientific protection in the gym.

First of all, I suggest that you try to choose a more expensive gymnasium that can be disinfected regularly. In addition, youd better take a bag of disinfected paper towels with you, and disinfect the equipment with paper towels before exercise.

Second, when you exercise, dont touch your eyes and nose directly with your hands, otherwise these vulnerable parts will easily be infected with harmful bacteria.

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