Why Chinas 5g chip is unique in just a few years!

 Why Chinas 5g chip is unique in just a few years!

Many people are worried about whether Huawei can hold on this time and whether Chinas 5g process will be blocked? Dont worry. Ill take care of you.

Although the chip is small, there are many doorways in it. To produce a chip, we must go through the steps of design, production and packaging test.

The manufacturing process of the chip is like the LEGO model. It needs to have well-designed drawings, trivial and fine parts, as well as the technology to be able to assemble.

First of all, engineers rely on EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tool drawing board to carry out layout design of chip circuit; generation factories produce chips according to design drawings, which need hundreds of complex processes such as photolithography, ion implantation, etc., so that the chip size of nail cover can be integrated into several kilometers of wires and hundreds of millions of transistor devices, and finally through rigorous testing and screening In order to produce a qualified chip.

The integration degree and actuarial ability of the chip depend on the precision of the lithography machine. This artifact, known as the crystallization of human wisdom and the Pearl on the crown of industry, can be said to have stuck the lifeblood of the chip manufacturing. The high-end EUV optical technology used to produce the most advanced 7Nm process chip is monopolized by ASMC in the Netherlands, with a quotation of more than $120 million.

In baseband chip design, Qualcomm has been in the leading position since the 3G era, but in the 5g new stage, Huawei Hisilicon and MediaTek are catching up with each other, launching Kirin 990 and Tianji 1000 series respectively, gradually forming a tripartite confrontation with Qualcomms Xiaolong 865.

According to the latest research report, in the global market share of mobile baseband chips in 2019, Huawei Hisilicon has surpassed Intel, the chip manufacturer, and ranked second.

In the sealing test, Chinese manufacturers have been occupying a place in the global market. Due to the long-term interference from the United States, Huawei ZTE and other companies will also push the boat and give a large number of orders to the mainlands packaging test manufacturers.

And the hope of the whole village SMIC, in the case of not receiving the predetermined 7-nm ASML EUV lithography machine, now has a mass production capacity of 14 nm process, which can fully undertake the OEM and supply of Huaweis low-end mobile phone chips and various domestic IOT product chips.

In my opinion, its a crisis and an opportunity for the United States to suppress Huawei almost unreasonably. We dont have to be overly pessimistic and panic. 5g business has reached its first anniversary, the overall industrial layout has been formed, and China is undoubtedly at the forefront of the 5g wave. In the throes, speed up the pace of self-study, build walls and accumulate grains.

Although the trend of supply chain globalization can not be reversed, only when the core technology is self-control, can we adapt to all changes.

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