Gong Xiaobin: too many mistakes in the first game Chen Peidong: deal with the ball by yourself

 Gong Xiaobin: too many mistakes in the first game Chen Peidong: deal with the ball by yourself

After the game, Gong Xiaobin summed up the whole game and said that in the first half, the players were not hard at both ends of the attack and defense, and the score gradually fell behind. Fortunately, after that, the players gradually found the rhythm and caught up with the score. For veteran Zhang Qingpeng, Gong Xiaobin revealed that Zhang Qingpengs waist was slightly strained in the warm-up game before, so out of protection, he didnt spend too much time in the first half.

In this game, Shandong mens basketball team has obvious internal advantage. There are 15 more rebounds than the opponent in the whole game, but there are 19 mistakes. The opponent only has 10. In addition, the hit rate of 25 out of 41 free throws is only 61%. Gong Xiaobin also said frankly that the team did well in rebounding, but the hit rate of free throws is too low and the number of mistakes is too many. The first game is really difficult. Go back We need to make a good summary, find out the missing and make up for the missing, and play well in the later competition.

Looking at the whole match, Shandong mens basketball team is passive most of the time. Although it is difficult to win in the end, the process is not as easy as expected before the match. Gong Xiaobin also explained: because it is the first match, the players are relatively slow and hot, and the opponents are really fierce, and there are a lot of mistakes in their offensive end, which leads to the more impatient the play, the main reason is still their own questions Problem, the offensive side has been unable to open the situation, but also hope that the players behind the game can gradually adapt.

Chen Peidong scored the highest 20 points of the whole team. He dared to make bold and bold pitches in the game and performed high light performances for many times. For his performance, Chen Peidong said: although he scored some points, some of the balls were still dry, and several of the balls that should be improved didnt go up, which shows that the success rate of my scoring still needs to be improved, and I will continue to work hard in the future.

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