Casualties caused by the collapse of Panzhihua wall

 Casualties caused by the collapse of Panzhihua wall

In the afternoon of June 21, an accident happened in Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province. A truck backed up and knocked down the wall, causing casualties. In the evening of that day, the 110 duty personnel of Panzhihua City and the staff of the three teams of traffic police brigade of Panzhihua Public Security Bureau confirmed to the surging news that the above accident was true and there were casualties, but the number of casualties was not known for the time being.

Sichuan Daily reported that the accident was suspected to have occurred after a truck driver hit the wall due to improper operation when reversing. At present, the driver has been controlled by the public security department, and the relevant situation is under further investigation.

The Internet video shows that the roadside wall collapsed, and a girl dressed as a student sat on the roadside with blood on her body, while another lay on the ground, motionless and surrounded by bricks. On the other side of the fence are cars, including vans. The driver backed up and knocked down the fence and hit people, the photographer said in the online video Another video shows that the incident happened near the north bus station of MIDI bridge in the East District of Panzhihua City. The fence belongs to a parking lot behind the station sign.

That night, Panzhihua City 110 on duty personnel told surging news that the accident was true. Panzhihua City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade three team staff said that the accident is currently under investigation, not yet qualitative, for the number of casualties and their specific identity, currently do not know.

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