New leader Chu Cheng: he wants to talk to his father this year when he lost his father

 New leader Chu Cheng: he wants to talk to his father this year when he lost his father

At the end of 2012, Chu Yibin listened to his fathers call and left Singapore to return to Yunnan. A few years later, at the age of 90, Chu Shijian announced that Chu Yibin was the inheritor of Chu oranges brand, and started a series of preparations to support his son.

Chu Shijian died on March 5, 2019. Since then, Chu Yibin has officially become the new leader of Chu orange. After that, the picking period of Chu orange was 33 days, and it sold out in 35 days, which was the fastest year in the history of Chu orange. The companys team also kept stable.

Chu gave his performance 70 points. He said that he was a son. When he was middle-aged, he obeyed his fathers call. It was filial piety. But he is also a father. Now he has been in Yunnan for a long time, I still owe some money to some children in Singapore.


At the end of 2012, Chu Yibin, who was in Singapore, received a phone call from his father. On the phone, Chu Shijian said in a non-negotiable voice, Im old and I cant run. You can do it by yourself.

This phone call caused a violent conflict in Chu Yibins heart. I am the father of several children, and I am Chu Shijians only son. I cant abandon my old father. Chu Yibin said.

Photo provided by interviewee Chu Shijian

Chu Yibin finally made a difficult decision: to accompany his father back to his hometown of Yunnan. It took him two months to make the transition. Through a fixed bank, Chu paid several Singaporean children salaries so that they could quickly learn to manage their study and life.

Chu Yibin said that after entering the age of 90, his father Chu Shijians body degenerated rapidly, but his strategic thinking was still very clear. Chu Shijians worry is that after his death, there may be a situation that the brand Chu orange will be consumed in the next two or three years. At this time, another person must be chosen to take over his job.

Chu Shijian told his son that he would manage the base for another year. A year later, all the oranges were handed over to Chu Yibin. Chu recalled that within the Chu family, Chu Shijian made it clear that his son would take over at the end of 2018.

At that time, Chu Yibin was concerned about how the shares of his family, especially the shares of his descendants in the company, would be distributed. To this matter, Chu Shijians attitude is very firm: in a word, dont talk so much, do each others work, I leave this to you to do.

u25b2 Chu Yibin

Chu Shijian put forward that the responsibility of Chu Yibin is to support the brand of Chu orange. Hold on, everyone is better. According to their performance, they will live well. If they cant hold on, everyone has no good life.

Chu Yibins challenge lies in that he is the junior brother of Chu orange base. My attitude is not sincere enough, my learning ability is not strong enough, and I can see if I can catch the key points. All my senior brothers are looking at these problems.

In January 2019, Chu Shijian went to the orchard for the last time, during which Chu Yibin participated in the first meeting of the company. Chu said that at the meeting, he found a senior brothers performance and had some contempt for him.

At that time, I suggested that it was not important whether I was Chu Shijians son or not, but I hope that all of you would put forward opinions, demands and ideas, and work together to do a good job, rather than fight each other. Chu Yibin said.

Photo provided by interviewee Chu Shijian

The management who attended the meeting were all the teachers who followed Chu Shijian for many years. Chu Yibin knew that he could not be a new leader without the hearts of these teachers.

However, Chu Yibin was soon surprised to find that his father had paved a road for himself.


Chu Yibin and Chu Shijian had two fierce confrontations. For the first time, when Chu Yibin was a sophomore, he chose to study liberal arts. When the school informed Chu Shijian of Chu Yibins choice, Chu Shijian said, what liberal arts and science should be chosen.

Chu Yibin obeyed his fathers will and chose science, but at the end of the semester, he failed in six courses. The school also informed Chu Shijian. Chu Shijian was very angry. He ran to school and told his son that he would get his diploma anyway.

u25b2 Chu Shijian, his wife Ma Jingfen and his son Chu Yibin are interviewees in the orchard

At that time, my voice was very small, but I still replied calmly. This is your choice. Chu Yibin said that his father was stunned and could not speak for a long time. This is the first time I feel a fair fight between father and son.

The second confrontation took place at the end of 2013. At a hotel in Puer City, the father and son had a discussion about the future of Chu orange for four or five days. We have a completely different understanding of the development model of the family industry. Chu Yibin said that in this year, Chu Shijians descendants set out to develop their own industries. Chu Shijians original intention was to hope that they would experience each other and finally choose the most competent one. I am very opposed to this, and think that if we do this, the brand and people of Chu orange will disperse.

On June 20, in the company office in Yuxi City, Chu Yibin told Red Star News reporters that although such a test is a kind of experience for him personally, he still believes that the family should not be scattered. The outside world says that there is no fighting in our family. We just have a division of labor for each family, and we need to help each other if necessary.

In 2014, Chu Yibin officially contacted the planting industry. He had discussed Apple planting with the local government in Malong County, but the project eventually failed. Later, Chu Yibin developed a base of 15000 mu in Longling County, where he still planted iced sugar orange.

u25b2 photos provided by Chu Shijian, his wife Ma Jingfen and son Chu Yibin

Chu Shijian had only been to Longling base three times before his death. For the first time, when the land was leased in Longling County, Chu Yibin asked Chu Shijian to take a look at it. After seeing it, Chu Shijian thought that the oranges planted in the local climate might catch up with the town of GASA (the location of Chu orange base).

The second time, Chu Shijian visited Longling to investigate the water supply of the base. The water supply condition of Longling base is not ideal, and the transmission radius of water source is more than 80 kilometers. On the allocation of water resources, Chu Shijian participated in the negotiation between the base and the local government.


Chu Yibin said that from 2014 to 2019, Chu Shijian had been deliberately beating me and exercising me. Before the Spring Festival in 2019, Chu Yibins Longling base arrived at the time of submission.

At that time, Chu Shijian was lying on the hospital bed, and he specially explained: take some fruits from Longling base. Some of the old bases teachers, Fu, were also at the scene, and Chu Yibin carried a basket of fruit up. The old man said, look, this is Longling fruit. Everyone will try it. A few people tasted it, but they couldnt make a sound. The old man said, well, the fruit of Longling has its own characteristics.

Chu Yibin is in the orchard. Picture provided by interviewee

Chu said that his father gave 80 points to the answer sheet he handed in. Two days before Chu Shijians death (March 5, 2019), Chu Yibin had a wish to talk with his father.

Chu Yibin couldnt talk to his father for the last time. The day before his death, Chu Shijian suddenly said, I want to get up. Chu Yibin and Xiaoding (Chu Shijians life assistant) helped him up. Chu Shijian takes off the oxygen nasal tube, and Chu Yibin is going to put it back on him. Chu Shijian pushes away his sons hand and says, I want to try.

Chu said his father felt like he wanted to get rid of the shackles. But as soon as he finished speaking, Chu Shijian fell on his sons chest. The doctor rushed in and put on Chu Shijians oxygen mask again.

On March 5, 2019, the doctor announced the death of Chu Shijian. Chu Yibin was alone in the room. He took a basin and two towels. Others reminded him to wash his fathers body. When Chu Shijians face was rubbed, Chu felt that his fierce confrontation with his father, which lasted for decades, had finally disappeared.

u25b2 drawings provided by Chu Yibin in the orchard

On September 22nd last year, Chu orange held a pre-sale press conference. The producers of sorting equipment and partners of downstream products participated in the event. The theme of this activity is one persons Chu orange, to a group of peoples Chu orange.

Chu Yibin said that in 2019, the output of Chu orange was more than 17000 tons, and the yield was controlled at about 60%. Finally, the sales volume of Chu orange was 11000 tons, of which less than 1 / 3 was sold online. In this quarter, the picking period of Chu orange was 33 days, and it sold out in 35 days, which was the fastest year in the history of Chu orange. The sales volume increased by about 8%. This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, the company has stepped up the layout of online sales, and plans to sell 50% online this year.

Chu Yibin said that the death of his father was indeed a digestion of the brand. To this end, he also told the management that when we are together, we will inevitably stumble, but we should not give each other problems, but we should stabilize product quality, live a better life together and earn more money.

Chu gave himself 70 points in the year when he left his father as the new leader.

These 70 points are the 70 points I learned from my old father. But we added 33 points to ourselves through the strength of the team. Chu Yibin said that the direction of the teams efforts is to be a little better than Chu Shijian, and the final score is 103 points, if I am satisfied with the 70 points I have learned, then one generation is not as good as another.

The challenge of planting industry is that there are no samples and models to follow in the market. Chu Shijian mentioned many times in the last few years that it is more difficult to produce fruit than he thought. Chu Yibin said that Chu Shijian is a monument type existence. As a successor, he needs to pay more energy to make up for his own shortcomings, so as to ensure that the brand does not make problems.

Photo provided by Chu Shijian and his son Chu Yibin

My child asked me why I wanted to live such a life, and I didnt know how to answer. Chu said it was not until around 2011 that he made it clear to his children who he was and who their grandfather was.

Chu Yibin followed his fathers wishes to return to Yunnan, but for his children, he finally felt that he was in debt. After Chu Yibin was relatively stable, he still had to run back and forth in Shenzhen, Singapore and Yunnan. In 2011, he made up his mind to accompany the children for two years, but at the end of 2012, Chu Yibin returned to Yunnan again, and his promise to the children failed to be fulfilled.

So far, Chu Yibin has not seen a few children in a year. During the outbreak, the child called Chu Yibin and said he would go to Japan. On the phone, Chu Yibin objected, saying that the epidemic was not clear and that it was better not to go. But the children said that their time together is not easy and will be careful.

Chu Yibin stipulated that children should send him messages and photos every day. As soon as they returned to Singapore, maybe they didnt see their friends for a while, so they didnt care about my father. Later, I finally got on the phone. I was very angry on the phone, and I lost my temper with them. Chu said that after the call, several children did not contact him again.

u25b2 Chu Yibin

Chu Yibin remembers that on fathers day in 2019, before 12 p.m., he was on a business trip to Pudong Airport in Shanghai. As soon as the plane landed and the mobile phone turned on, the first message Dong came out: happy fathers day, Dad.

But for fathers day in 2020, Chu is still waiting for his childrens greetings. He estimated that this fathers day may not wait for such a message, I havent seen several children in nearly a year, and Im afraid of birthing.

Of course, Chu Yibin also thought of his father. Since the death of Chu Shijian, only one old master has left the base. On March 5 this year, the first anniversary of Chu Shijians death, Chu Yibin came to the cemetery alone. He wants to talk to his father about the past years hardships and tiredness.

Red Star reporter Liu Ping from Yuxi, Yunnan photography Wang Hongqiang

Source: Red Star News Editor: Chen Hequn_ NB12679