Zhang Yuqi: believe in nothing but feelings? Its better to pamper yourself than to please others

 Zhang Yuqi: believe in nothing but feelings? Its better to pamper yourself than to please others


Zhang Yuqis love life is wonderful. What we know publicly is three relationships. Two of them came to fruition and then ended in divorce. The first paragraph is Wang Xiaofei, the husband of big s. At that time, Zhang Yuqi just became popular. Wang Xiaofei and Wang Xiaofei are both young and vigorous. It is said that they cant let each other out when they quarrel. Slapping each other in the face is never soft. You say that a woman with such a violent temper is too fierce, right? Break up is to break up, love life is still a piece of white paper? No, no, it wasnt long before Zhang Yuqi married director Wang Quanan.


Who is Wang Quanan? Director of Bailuyuan. He is also a great talent. He directed classic films such as eclipse of the moon, Tuyas marriage and reunion. Moreover, Wang Quanan won the Silver Bear Award for best screenwriter at the Berlin Film Festival and was a judge of the Berlin Film Festival. The 22-year-old man, who is 22 years older than Zhang Yuqi, found the missing sense of security. Maybe, for this reason? Does Zhang Yuqi believe in feelings again? At that time, when she announced the wedding news, she also revealed the wedding ring customized by Wang Quanan. This ring has 8.688g, which is exactly the date of birth of Zhang Yuqi.

However, Zhang Yuqi and Wang Quanan are still divorced. Wang Quanan has made the mistakes that men can make, and he has made a lot of mistakes. In 2015, the day after Wang Quanan was released from prison. Zhang Yuqi issued a divorce statement and broke up peacefully with Wang Quanan: in a world where time is round, there is a circle of fate. In the life of notch carving, time fills up. Left separately, also left the regret for a while. I wish you all the best. When this woman marries you, it should be the biggest recognition for you. Its a pity that youve made her a mess. Such confusion, can not bear to see.


It confirms the line of the mermaid: I have money and body, and my pursuers are in line from here to France. Ill take 30 billion to play with you. Do you think Im the air? To make a fish! However, Zhang Yuqi and Yuan bayuan, her second husband, met each other in a very romance novel process, and after 70 days, they quickly married. A year later, Zhang Yuqi gave birth to a dragon and a Phoenix. Then there are some bloody Stories: Zhang Yuqi stabbed yuan bayuan, and Zhang Yuqi divorced yuan bayuan. Zhang Yuqi and Yuan bayuan are likely to be reunited, while Zhang Yuqi and Yuan bayuan are likely to be reunited.


On January 6, 2019, yuan bayuan exposed Zhang Yuqis tangle with other men in the circle of friends. Zhang Yuqi responded quickly, saying that Yuans revelations were nothing. He also pointed out that yuan bayuan wanted to fight for the custody of children, and said that yuan owed her tens of millions. At the same time, it was also announced that she and Yuan bayuan would be totally separated and would never see each other again in this life. Finally, the love and hate between yuan bayuan and Zhang Yuqi ended. Dare to love and hate is Zhang Yuqis biggest label. Who is afraid of whom? She should be more aware that it is better to spoil herself than to please others.


Believe in nothing but feelings? Maybe so. But if love comes to you again. Please, accept it