If you want a man to take you to heart, you need to pay attention to these details

 If you want a man to take you to heart, you need to pay attention to these details

Its because you are so close to each other that your feelings become more and more stable and sweet.

If you dislike each other from the beginning and you dont like each other, your feelings will be very difficult.

Although feelings can be cultivated slowly, if you are indifferent and disrespectful to each other at the beginning, and you dont really put each other in your eyes and heart, then your feelings may die of nothing.

Generally speaking, women need to pay attention to these details if they want a man to take you to heart.

1. Fully respect and understand him

Respect and understanding are mutual. When you want a man to take you to heart, and you want to get respect and understanding from a man, you should first learn to respect his feelings and understand his ideas.

Because your growing environment is different, the things you touch are different, your vision and experience are different, which leads to your different perspectives on the same problem or the same thing.

If you lack the least respect for a man, you are too mean and harsh to him, you are full of doubts about him, and you are not willing to fully trust and understand him, then no matter how much he loves you, he will gradually alienate and put you down.

Since you dont want a man to stay away from you, and you want him to keep you in mind all the time, then you should stop being mean to him, but give him the necessary tolerance and understanding.

The reason why a man puts you in his heart is often because you are considerate enough to understand and understand his real feelings and thoughts.

If you want a man to take you to heart, one of the details that need to be noticed is to give him a hand at the critical moment.

Mutual support, mutual help feelings, will be more cohesive and centripetal force.

No matter how strong a man is, he will be vulnerable and helpless. At this time, if you are willing to give him unselfish help, and you are willing to go all out to accompany him through the difficulties, he may love you more for this, and he will really take you to heart.

3. Continuously improve personal charm

If you want a man to really take you to heart, you need to continuously improve your personal charm and ability.

If you are useless, you have no bright spot or flash point, it is difficult for a man to have a good impression on you, and he will not really care about you.

There are many ways to enhance your personal charm. For example, you can broaden your thinking by reading a lot of books, so that you can become poetic and bookish.

For example, you can also cultivate a wealth of hobbies, you can master excellent skills and skills, and so on.

You should make yourself full of change and color. You should not only stick to a certain form, but fully show your multifaceted nature and various possibilities.

When you meet the person who makes you heartache, you should learn to recommend yourself. You should be good at showing your beautiful side to the person you love deeply.

If you are too mediocre in front of a man, he cant see any advantages of you at all. If you expose all your shortcomings and bad faults to him, even if he wants to be close to you, he may be scared away by you.

In short, if you want a man to take you to heart, you need to pay attention to the details of getting along with him.

First of all, you should be warm enough to him. You should not be too cold to him.

Secondly, you should pay attention to give him full respect and understanding.

It is very important for a man to be moved or moved to you because you are willing to put yourself in his shoes. You can really integrate into his world, and you and him will always stand firmly together.

Again, you need to be able to give him the necessary support.

Most of all, you should help a man when he feels helpless.

Of course, if you find that no matter how good you are to a man, he is not willing to respond or give back the love and sincerity you give. His attitude towards you is too cold or indifferent. Instead of cherishing you, he despises you everywhere. Then you should stop pestering him. You should learn to let go early and stop losing in time.