Huang Shengyi was criticized for lacking in quality. He turned against Zhou Xingchi, the benefactor. He asked people to carry shoes and deliver water. He was offended by his interposition

 Huang Shengyi was criticized for lacking in quality. He turned against Zhou Xingchi, the benefactor. He asked people to carry shoes and deliver water. He was offended by his interposition

So some netizens said, this is to come home!

Not only that, in the program recording, Huang Shengyi also asked Jin Chen to help her carry shoes.

And all of this, Huang Shengyi seems to do it all for granted, so its not hard to see that Yang Zi dotes on her very much at home.

But in these comments, Huang Shengyi was once again pushed to various platforms for hot search, because in the program, Huang Shengyi always inserted other peoples words.

If the former several times said that Huang Shengyi Princess disease committed, this time netizens directly criticized her for lack of quality.

Huang Shengyi: dont worry, I always have doubts;

The host asks again: not afraid of perfect image broken?

Huang Shengyi: do I have a perfect image?

It has to be said that Huang Shengyi is very self-conscious. At the beginning, star Lord Zhou Xingchi praised her. At last, Huang Shengyi turned against her and even threatened to withdraw from the circle and fight a lawsuit with star Lord.

[02] the back of Huang Shengyi

In 2004, Huang Shengyi, who was still studying in Beiying, was discovered by Zhou Xingchi. In the movie Kung Fu, he played the role of the mute girl fanger, and became popular rapidly, which can be called the peak of her career.

Since then, Huang Shengyi has also been called star girl. Unexpectedly, in August 2005, Huang Shengyi unilaterally announced the termination of the contract with Zhou Xingchis Xinghui in front of the media.

Behind the incident, one person has to mention that is Huang Shengyis husband, Yang Zi, now vice chairman and executive president of China Juli group and chairman of China Juli film and television media.

In 2015, when Yang Zi participated in the reality show, he admitted for the first time that he had a son with Huang Shengyi; in January 2017, Huang Shengyi and Yang Zi revealed their family fortune and celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

However, Huang Shengyi has never revealed his relationship with Yang Zi in his 10-year marriage. According to netizens guesses, he is also afraid of being criticized.

Of course, for Stephen Chow, its just the loss of an actor. She can hold a lot of people.

But for Huang Shengyi, what remains is a voice of doubt.

[03] how about Huang Shengyis acting skills?

In 2013, at the celebration of the 22nd marriage rules, Huang Shengyi knelt down to Zhao Benshan and forced him to pay a visit to his teacher, which also made netizens talk about it.

Of course, Mr. Benshans career was in the ascendant at that time, and he would benefit a lot if he could worship under the Zhao family class.

So soon, Huang Shengyis fame was on the same level as Yang Mi, Wang Luodan and Liu Yifei, known as the four little Huadan.

In his 20s, Huang Shengyi was pure and lovely, with a beautiful appearance. He became a household name with his wonderful performance in the match of immortals.

At the same time, she and in the play fake, harvest their love.


But as for Huang Shengyis acting skills, she has different opinions. In the stage of the birth of actors, she plays a mother with extraordinary strength and gets the lowest 28 points.

So after the program was broadcast, Huang Shengyis acting skills were once called embarrassing performance by netizens.

But in any case, Huang Shengyi also nominated the golden statue award. At a glance, he also won the best hostess of the National Opera ceremony.

The entertainment circle is not difficult to distinguish. Its a mixture of good and bad. Those dry past events have to be commented on by later generations. I believe that time is the best answer.

[04] self cultivation of an actor

Huang Shengyi started from the beginning, because there was Yang Zi behind the support, and he joined the school of Benshan teachers. This way is a smooth wind and water, a little bit of the princesss charming and affectation, which is inevitable.

However, in sister riding the wind and waves, Huang Shengyi still has to learn to respect herself. In front of her, there are the queen of all changes, the leader of sweet song, Yi Nengjing, all of whom are her predecessors.

Especially quiet. At the age of 28, she won all the awards she could get in the mainland and was on the cover of time magazine.

Naturally, in front of LAN Yingying, Jin Chen, Liu Yun and Meng Jia, Huang Shengyi has the strength to show his once famous four little Huadan. As an artist, the most important thing to learn is professional quality.

Like Wanxi, who I wrote in the last issue, is also a sister who is riding the wind and waves, but many stars are willing to pick her. Many netizens call her, hoping Huang Shengyi can understand that the so-called popularity is given by the audience.

Wanxi: How did she do it from being unknown to being a fan of ten thousand people?

Water can carry a boat and it can also capsize it, which is the truth given to us by the ancient religion.

Although Huang Shengyi now has a well-off life and powerful strength behind it, in the eyes of the audience, an actors self-cultivation is always the first starting line.


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