Betrayal is not a matter of feeling, but of feeling

 Betrayal is not a matter of feeling, but of feeling

Therefore, finding out the causes that lead to emotional problems will not only help to rebuild the intimate relationship, but also help to release yourself.

However, is it really because of the emotional problems that lead to the occurrence of betrayal? Actually not.

If this logic holds, then the problem of feelings should be mutual. Since it is due to the problem of feelings, then why is it that TA betrays feelings instead of another TA? You should never answer. The difference lies in whether there is a chance or not.

So, in fact, its very clear that betrayal, after all, is not caused by the real feelings, but by the feelings of some people - this is the root cause of betrayal.

If you attribute the reason to the problem of emotion itself, then of course, you will continue to study what the problem is, some of the answers may be given by yourself; but more of the answers are actually given by the other party.

So, you will hear you are not good, I will betray you, and so on.

If you further accept such a kind of attribution, then a very strange situation arises: when you encounter betrayal, you have to pay for the betrayal of Ta - if you encounter the betrayal of the other party, you feel stupid enough; then, to accept such a set of strange logic, you are hopelessly stupid.

However, in reality, many people really know and solve problems in this way. They try to find the unsatisfied place from themselves, and then adjust themselves; they try to make each other satisfied by perfecting themselves, so that the relationship can be rebuilt intimacy.

If you make such an adjustment, then you really have to think about a problem: the direction you adjust and strive for is actually the person who betrayed and hurt you, who set you; not to mention that such a life has become the self in the eyes of others, it is actually deviated; in the simplest sense, a person who betrayed his feelings, the three views are basically problematic A person who has three outlooks in question, do you think that the direction TA points out to you will be right way.

In those who encounter emotional betrayal, many stories reflect such problems. If there is no correct understanding of the nature of betrayal, then the follow-up response and handling must be wrong, not only cant let themselves out of the sea of suffering, but also will make themselves more and more trapped.

Pandering, ingratiating, humbling, such performances are common after betrayal. Its not so much that ones personality is not independent, but rather that there is a problem in the fundamental interpretation of betrayal - betrayal is always wrong, which does not need to be debated; before everything else starts, the first thing to be solved is the fundamental problem of betrayal - how to deal with betrayers , how to recognize betrayal? If TA still thinks that betrayal is not a big deal. If TA continues to cheat and betray himself, then other things are just excuses and excuses to fool you. As just said, there is something wrong with your feelings; you are not good, etc.

Yes, to deal with and deal with betrayal, it is the Betrayer, not the betrayed you, who should be adjusted and changed first. But its not hard for you to find that after the betrayal, those who try to solve the problem are actually those who have been betrayed.

You may say: but TA just doesnt change, Ta is indifferent. What should I do?

Betraying the feelings of TA, do not change themselves, what do you change? Hurt your TA, are indifferent, you think, TA will really care about you, and really because of your sacrifice and forbearance, and cherish you, responsible for you

Emotional betrayal, in the final analysis, is not the two peoples feelings, but one of the feelings of the problem.