Zhang Yuqi is really a tough character

 Zhang Yuqi is really a tough character

In sister riding the wind and waves, we see a naive and full of her.

Born with a sister is a C look.

When the show ended, Du Hua said, you cant stand in position C.

Zhang Yuqi listened, Dudu mouth: ah, then I dont want.

When the judges gave her an X rating.

She asked, what does x mean?

Qi Qizi said excitedly, Im the best, right?

With the X card, she was so excited.

See here, say she is the source of happiness. Thats right.

Before the program, we are waiting to see sister Qi tear.

After the program was broadcast, only qiqizi was seen to be cute.

Its hilarious.

Im at the highlight every moment, and Im a special person who can go out with a halo.

I dont have any career low period basically, have been quite red.

Zhang Yuqis self-confident and independent side is the benchmark of women in the new era.

The heart is also very soft.

Before going on stage, I was so nervous that I needed to be hugged.

Its amazing to see the first sisters.

There will also be little cowardice and little inferiority in the eyes.

In fact, as early as 2018, Zhang Yuqi said her wish to form a group on Weibo.

I really want to participate in the creation of 101. If I cant, I can have a 202 or something like that.

I dont mind if I go out again, but I think Im quite fit.

So, in 2020, she came to sister in the wind and waves.

Pursue whatever you like.

Whether you are good at it or not.

Whether or not it works.

This is the case in career.

Even sometimes, its moths fighting fire.

She seems to be willing, too.

There is no denying that Zhang Yuqi is beautiful.

She was elected successfully.

Just 30 seconds of appearance, but touched the heart of Stephen Chow.

Maybe its fate, maybe its talent.

In that age when it was difficult to be famous, Zhang Yuqi became a star girl.

But it seems that the word bright star cant stand up to her.

In 2003, she was admitted to the drama school affiliated to Shanghai Drama Academy.

At that time, she didnt dislike Zhang Yuqi, the worthless one carat diamond. Its an ordinary girl who grows up in a divorced family with low self-esteem, cowardice and insecurity.

My mother sold all the gold jewelry at home, and paid for her tuition.

Later, she became famous as teacher yuan in Yangtze River seven.

Star girl three words, the name is right.

But ten years later, she turned around.

I have no hesitation to break the contract with the Xinghui company that brought her into the circle.

After the compensation of 2.47 million yuan, he said: thank you for your kindness.

The big square and the old owners split up.

Its crisp and neat. Everyone regrets.

I think its Zhang Yuqi.

She knows what she wants. And never hide.

After the termination of the contract, she immediately picked up Tian Xiaoes corner of White Deer Plain.

Charming, sad, depraved.

She was acting like nature.

There is a kind of kitsch in her bones, which has become the consensus of all the people.

Later, her emotional life was frequently brought to the public.

Some liberties, too violent, indiscreet, big woman... A series of labels were printed on her.

She goes her own way, dare to love and hate.

I dont want to hear what you say.

The two kissed sweetly at the airport.

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Fit is another matter.

Zhang Yuqi is known for her short temper.

But Wang Xiaofei is also stubborn.

In addition, Zhang Yuqi was in a lawsuit against Xinghui company.

In the face of high compensation, Wang Xiaofei, as her boyfriend, is indifferent.

Wang Xiaofeis mother also strongly opposed the relationship.

In the end, they parted ways.

However, only half a year later, Wang Xiaofei announced his marriage with big s.

A reporter asked Zhang Yuqi at the brand meeting:

But the reporter was reluctant.

Will your mood be affected by that wedding?

Why should I be happy when my ex boyfriend is married?

She made no secret of the emotion.

Its so real that it hurts the onlookers.

However, before long, Zhang Yuqi and Wang Quanan got married.

At that time, she was 24 years old. Wang Quanan is 22 years older than her.

Zhang Yuqi, who has lost his fathers love since childhood, may have found a sense of security in Wang Quanan.

However, when its time to be arrogant, Zhang Yuqi is still as before.

The quarrel between the two is also fierce.

Instead, divorce decisively.

However, no matter how free and easy you are, you cant resist the humiliation brought by this marriage.

There is a charming wife at home, and her husband still steals food outside, and even smashes money to play three peoples line. As his wife, Zhang Yuqi is not only embarrassed, but also disgusted.

There are also bottlenecks in business.

Its worth mentioning that in that stage of being laughed at by others.

This is the first sentence of Stephen Chow on the phone.

Xicais Xingye gives Zhang Yuqi the role of Li Ruolan in the mermaid.

Shes alive again.

But because when Zhou Xingchi was bombarded by the whole people, no one dared to speak for him.

Zhang Yuqi stands up to explain for Xingye.

He is a director who works hard and is also a professional actor. A man of character is a genius. There may be many misunderstandings about him, and there will be many problems with the director and the actor, so it doesnt matter.

But thats all later.

Zhang Yuqi may have the same personality as Xingye.

People who understand, can understand naturally.

No matter what kind of girl, she should have the right to pursue happiness.

She is eager to be loved. So every time she did not look back.

Meet yuan bayuan, 70 days time, two people are married.

She also gave birth to a pair of twins for love.

It seems to be perfect, but in fact it is full of holes.

Yuan bayuan was found to have a marriage history. Zhang Yuqi explained that he had no marriage history but a daughter.

Yuan bayuan was found to be heavily indebted, and Zhang Yuqi paid for her.

But later on, they met each other with knives.

Yuan bayuan reported that Zhang Yuqi had cut him with a knife.

But the police did not find the knife at the scene, and the wound was only one centimeter.

This time, Zhang Yuqi couldnt bear it.

Leave decisively.

Zhang Yuqi flies moths to put out the fire in the emotion, but its hard to say that she meets the person who really takes her to heart.

For so many years, her feelings have been the laughingstock that outsiders talk about.

Does she care?


But what she cares more is whether she gets the love she wants.

Its said that people are too paranoid about something and often ask for it rather than not.

Zhang Yuqi is just like the immortal Xiaoqiang in emotion.

The world wants to see her cry, but shes on the show.

Beckoning, helplessly said: I see a mans eyes really not.

You can say that she forgot the pain after the scar.

But what I envy is that she always keeps a heart for love.

Free and easy sometimes.

Freedom sometimes.

Zhang Yuqi said in the program: we can SA, we can cool, we are omnipotent.

Its rare to hear someone boast so much about themselves.

But if it is Zhang Yuqi, I absolutely believe that this is her sincerity.

Some people say, how did Zhang Yuqi wash white on the last program?

I admit, I was surrounded by her.

In this era when everyone wears a mask, she chooses to run naked.

She is precious.

Of course, red is also reasonable.


Silly and tiger.

Its never rigid and its soft inside.

Do you like this kind of Zhang Yuqi?

Author: Yutian