Huang Zheng is superior to Ma Yun! 40 years old, 320bn, Chinas second richest man

 Huang Zheng is superior to Ma Yun! 40 years old, 320bn, Chinas second richest man

Huang Zheng is 321 billion

Surpass Ma Yun to become the second richest man in China

According to Forbes real-time rich list, Chinas richest man is currently Tencent founder Ma Huateng, with a fortune of 51.5 billion US dollars, 6.1 billion US dollars more than Huang Zheng.

According to public information, pinduoduo, a subsidiary of Huang Zheng, was founded in September 2015, with a market value of more than $100 billion.

Since the beginning of April this year, in less than three months, pinduoduos share price has risen 143%.

Stimulated by 618 sales data, pinduoduo continued to rise 6.26% on June 19, with its market value reaching US $104.888 billion.

Tencents share price has risen about 21% since the beginning of April this year.

Since the beginning of April this year, Alibabas share price has risen by about 19.4%.

At present, Baidus market value is 42.4 billion US dollars, and pinduoduos market value has surpassed two Baidus.

Based on a rough estimate of 43.3% shareholding ratio, since the beginning of April, the soaring market value of pinduoduo has increased Huang Zhengs fortune by about 26.7 billion US dollars, or 188.8 billion yuan.

Pinduoduo 618 orders increased by 119% year on year

At 0:00 on June 19, pinduoduo released the overall sales data of 618. Driven by the 10 billion subsidy and other major benefits such as 1 billion cash bonus, the order volume of pinduoduo platform increased by 119% compared with the same period last year. As of 19:40 p.m. on June 18, the number of orders of pinduoduo platform exceeded 1.08 billion during 618, and the number of orders before 0:00 on June 19 exceeded 1.1 billion, with Gmv increasing by more than 300% year on year.

During the period of 618, pinduoduos 10 billion subsidy has accumulated over 130 million subsidized goods, covering more than 4600 well-known brands at home and abroad and over 50000 most popular goods on the whole network, and is expected to save more than 3 billion yuan for consumers.

In terms of mother and infant products, pinduoduo data shows that during 618, the sales of milk powder category increased by 510% year on year. In the first 10 minutes before the opening of the fashion toy category day on June 16, it broke through the whole day sales of last year, with a number of diapers of 10000 people, which were robbed half a day later.

Recently, quest Mobile released a 2020 childrens economic insight report aimed at children aged 0-12 and 25-40. According to the report data, among the 290 million online active parents of children (especially the parents of children aged 0-12), 68% and about 196 million parents of children choose pinduoduo as the preferred shopping platform for their children to buy goods and become the favorite mobile shopping app for young parents.

According to the quest mobile report, pinduoyi is the most popular mobile shopping app for young parents, with a penetration rate of 68 among parents.

A huge loss of 4.1 billion in the first quarter

Over 600 million annual buyers

However, pinduoduos loss in the first quarter expanded, with a net loss of 4.119 billion yuan and a non GAAP net loss of 3.170 billion yuan.

Pinduoduo said that there are two main reasons for the loss expansion. On the one hand, during the epidemic, in order to help businesses on the platform, pinduoduo actively continued to reduce the marketing costs of businesses on the platform on the basis of maintaining 0 Commission. Therefore, when the transaction volume doubled, the revenue only increased by 44%.

On the other hand, pinduoduo continues to increase its continuous investment in direct subsidies for technology, products and commodities. Due to the continuous increase of 10 billion subsidies of pinduoduo, the sales and marketing expenses of the platform reached 7.297 billion yuan in this quarter, far exceeding the revenue in the first quarter.

In terms of the number of users, pinduoduo is no longer the 300 million people are trying to pinduoduo. In the first 12 months to March 31, 2020, pinduoduos annual active buyers reached 628 million.

According to data from tonghuashun, pinduoduo lost 10.217 billion yuan and 6.968 billion yuan in 2017, 2018 and 2019 respectively.

Recently, with the introduction of the accountability law for foreign companies, there are endless rumors that pinduoduo will return to Chinas capital market, and most voices in the market think that pinduoduo may choose Hong Kong stock listing.

Liu qiangdong is less than a third of Huang Zheng

Xu Lei of Jingdong: I dont care about a company that has only been established for four years

Recently, with the listing of Jingdong back to Hong Kong, Liu qiangdongs fortune is also rising. On its first day of listing in Hong Kong, Jingdongs share price rose nearly 6%.

At present, Liu is the 132nd richest person in the world on the Forbes real-time rich list, with a wealth of US $12.7 billion, about 89.8 billion yuan, less than one third of Huang Zheng.

Recently, when asked how to deal with the threat from pinduoduo, Xu Lei, CEO of Jingdong retail, was interviewed recently. When asked how to deal with the threat from pinduoduo, Xu Lei said that he didnt care much about a company that had only been established for four years. Although a companys presence in the market must have its value, its not enough to say whether it can last. It needs to be tested by the market and customers.

The fortune of the worlds top 25 richest people rebounded 1.8 trillion yuan in two months

With the recent rapid rebound of the US stock market, the wealth of the rich affected by the epidemic also rebounded.