Daughter, why do I have to have the bride price?

 Daughter, why do I have to have the bride price?

She said, why, is there a natural contradiction between love and bride price? Where is it written that you cant love if you want a bride price? If you dont want a bride price, you must be true love?

Yes, if someone asks: do you want love or bride price?

u2014u2014Standard answer should not be all want!

In the previous article, I talked about such an extreme event.

When many people blame him, others leave a message:

This motherfucker is too ruthless. He doesnt care about his daughters health in order to ask for tens of thousands of yuan of bride price!

This mother is really greedy and stupid. After her daughter had a baby, she couldnt even sell it for a good price.

I dont know what the girl in this story will think, but if this is my daughter, I will tell her seriously:

Daughter, if you are going to get married, your mother must accept bride price. Its not her greedy for money, let alone the so-called selling her daughter.

You are my daughter who I have worked hard to raise for more than 20 years. If you want to sell it, dont say that its 180000 yuan of bride price, that is to give me Jinshan and Yinshan. For me, its definitely a loss business.

Yes, every mother looks very stingy when she wants the bride price. She is not willing to give in.

But when you get married, you will find that the mothers have become very generous again. They give all the betrothal gifts to your small families, and they also make up a lot of them.

How could this be something that a greedy person, a man skilled in calculation, would do?


Some people say that bride price is the source of all evils.

A 55 year old single mother in rural Henan worked hard all her life to make a bride price for her son and finally married herself to an old bachelor.

Nanpi, an old lady, chose to hang because she couldnt get her sons bride price.

I know. It all sounds terrible.

Their misfortune is not your fault!

Their misfortune is not your fault!

Mother is always a selfish person in relation to her daughters lifelong happiness.

My mother takes care of you like a pearl in her hand, not to help you grow up and become a Bodhisattva in an unfortunate family.

There is no such obligation in your life.

Mom has no great ambition, just hope you can find someone who loves you enough to live a carefree life.

Mom is not greedy. She doesnt need you to have a very good life. She doesnt need you to have a very high bride price. You really just need to be good.


The bride price does not lie in how much, the important thing is the two sides are willing.

There are only two situations for a man to haggle over a bride price:

The first, the most common, is not affordable.

Second, its affordable, but I dont want to.

The former may love you, but I doubt how much love he has. In the latter case, he doesnt love you at all and doesnt need to think about it at all.

When you are in love, you can have no money and feel very happy when you eat a roadside stall with more than 20 yuan.

You can accompany him to suffer and struggle. It doesnt matter for three or five years.

Ive seen too many examples of loving and full of water before marriage and poor and humble husband and wife mourn for everything after marriage.

Marriage is not a family affair. In addition to firewood, rice, oil and salt, there are also worldly customs, medical education. Even if you can suffer, do you want to let children suffer together?

You need to prepare a small sum of money even for dinner, dating, travel and movie. Why can you set up a white wolf in your marriage?

A family without enough money is like a birds nest, which cant stand the wind and rain.

To form a small family, if you dont even have the basic reserve fund, you are not eligible for marriage.

Bride price, from the material point of view, is the start-up fund of a new family, from the spiritual point of view, is the basic respect for new people.


But if I say, no house, no dowry, nothing.

House, car and bride price are all provided by us. As long as he comes here to let your children follow your surname, he will not like it.

Therefore, you can imagine how many grievances and advantages the men who cry for the bride price have suffered in the besieged city of marriage.

Never be carried away by love.

Never forget to love yourself because you love someone.

When you get married, have your own children, after three years of confusion, you will find that the burden of marriage is very heavy, and the impulse of love alone is not enough.