The unreal feeling that depression causes is too painful, how should family members pacify a painful person?

 The unreal feeling that depression causes is too painful, how should family members pacify a painful person?

In addition, people with depression will also suffer from physical symptoms, such as: dizziness, blurred vision, and unreality (the main thing is that the outside world seems to be separated into a layer of film, and the sense of image is like in a dream or in the fog of smoke and rain, which is very painful, and the patient will feel that there is always a distance between himself and the outside world or obstacles hinder him or herself Same).

This is one of the reasons why I suggest that patients with severe depression need to have a proper rest, because it is very difficult for them to finish a simple thing at ordinary times, and they feel very tired and cant breathe. Their body is in a very weak and difficult state. I think most patients with depression have a deep understanding of this, so I suggest that when you see me, I hope you can really understand the inner pain and dying body and eyes of a depressed patient.

Its not that they want to do this. Its impossible and uncontrollable. Family members please give them more space and care as well as time to treat, self heal, rest and relieve. Encourage them moderately and actively, and encourage them from the perspective of understanding.

For example, family members can encourage: when symptoms come, its really very painful, but all of this will pass. As long as we actively treat and face it, its only a matter of time to alleviate. If you feel uncomfortable, tell us or let it out! This kind of wording will make the patient listen to it with great strength and confidence, and it is also very inspiring.

In reality, most of the family members may try to persuade the patients: Gee, do you want to open up a little bit? Whats the big deal! Let me show you to the hospital! This kind of simple and rough persuasion will not only hurt the patients self-esteem, and there is no understanding and empathy, which is very inappropriate.

Therefore, when communicating with patients, family members must understand their pain and inner world, and combine their personality to appease and persuade them. Being arrogant and acting in accordance with their own subjective consciousness is just not appropriate for a patient with depression.

At this time, you can do some simple work, deal with some easy things, step by step. As long as you follow this principle, with the time of treatment and self-healing, the state will gradually get better.

The purpose of a short rest or stop is to rise and cheer up better. Whether its patients or family members, its not to degenerate or give up, but to create a better recovery environment for themselves. Because all this is temporary, believing in our bodies, believing in scientific treatment, believing that all pain is just a bubble in time, and they will eventually disappear, and your pain and suffering will not be pestering you all the time, they will be far away from you.