The most annoying people who pretend to work hard in the workplace

 The most annoying people who pretend to work hard in the workplace


In the months after the outbreak, we all worked harder.

Second, if you dont work hard, the Yangtze River will push the waves behind you. Behind you are a large number of newly graduated college students, who are cheap and ready to squeeze your position.

Hard working employees can bring more benefits to the company, which is what every boss wants to look like.

This is not true. Some time ago, a new colleague Xiaotian came to the office. He just graduated from graduate school and seemed to be ambitious when he first entered the workplace. He was the first to arrive at the office and the last to leave.

Friends also often send some blood, such as: home in the morning, continue liver! Women strive to look the most beautiful and so on.

The second time the leader looked at the result of the work, his face was slightly unhappy, but he didnt say anything. After all, for such a hard-working child, he couldnt say anything cruel.

But twice at a time, how to deal with one after another? The company is not a charity. No boss will tolerate an employee who has not done anything because of his kindness.

Why do the girls who work so hard like Xiaotian fail to do their jobs? In fact, many details have been disclosed long ago.

She is always the first one to come, but when everyone arrives, she is still eating breakfast slowly and brushing her micro blog.

When working overtime in the evening, although making forms, there is a variety show in the small window.

She was asked to draw a structure diagram, and she spent the afternoon looking for a template. All the work is stuck in deadline.

Whats the use of pretending to work hard in a circle of friends? It doesnt work out for you.


Brush microblog and chat wechat till 11 oclock. Its almost time. Put down your mobile phone and start to deal with the work. At 12:30, I finally finished the work. I sent a circle of friends exclamation: just finished my work, tired and full.

Playing games all night every day, being late because of being too sleepy, skipping classes and traveling because of wanting to see the world, and only one week before the exam, did you start to review all night, sending a circle of friends exclamation: more self-discipline and more hard work in college.

I got a gym card, but I kept saying to myself because my friend asked me to have dinner, my girlfriend asked me to sing, I was too tired at work, it was rainy and cold. Go tomorrow, I finally took a little time out of one month to go to the gym, ran for 20 minutes, ate a salad, took a bath, and sent a circle of friends exclamation: do you have a gym punch card.

Such people think that they are living a serious life and living a good life every day.

But when they see other peoples promotions and raises, scholarships, and horse armour shows, they will be anxious, confused and resentful

You see the success of others, but you dont think how much effort they have put behind them;

I saw the current situation of my embarrassment, but I didnt think how much time I wasted.

Its not that you occasionally add several classes, turn over a few pages, go to the gym a few times, its just hard work. Its just a show off in your friends circle.

Real efforts are never spontaneous, but should be normalized.

Before that, there was a big brother of a client, who was in his forties and had a lot of life experience.

I used to be the first leader of e-commerce in the front-line portal, and later came out to work alone and experienced two times of entrepreneurship. Whether he is a professional manager or a business owner, he keeps the habit of working more than 100 hours a week.

The road of starting a business turns back thousands of times. Difficulties and setbacks are common, but his vision has never been dim. He believes that life is a chain of happiness and unhappiness.

No matter what holidays, even on the second day of the lunar new year, you should write a plan in the morning;

What I admire is not only their efforts, but also that they dont think these efforts are great.

They will not be moved by their staying up late once and will not send these to their friends circle, with the words I am also quite spelled.

Their efforts do not need psychological construction, self persuasion or willpower. It seems that these efforts are spontaneous in the subconscious, and are the habitual actions of muscle memory.

He made me cold: after the final exam in the afternoon, I went to study in silence in the evening, even without rest for half a day.

The biggest problem for ordinary people is: work depends on mood. It seems that if you are not in good condition and in a slight physical condition, you can stop working. In fact, it doesnt exist. The author cant write with inspiration, right.

In this impetuous era, the theory of hard work is useless has become very popular.

Human destiny depends not only on personal efforts, but also on historical process and talent is more important than efforts are endless. I dont object to these words, but they dont mean that they can erase the meaning of efforts.

In my mind, achievement = talent u00d7 luck u00d7 effort. Since hard work is the only thing we can control, we should work hard.

And you need to know that all the efforts are useful. Ask yourself, are you more productive in 12 hours than in 8 hours?

Such efforts are not temporary, two days a day, or two months a month. They need to be normalized. Sometimes it may take one or two years to see the clue. Unfortunately, most people choose to give up before the return comes.

Some readers have asked me backstage, why do we hear so much truth, but still have a bad life?

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