If one day, the person I love leaves me, I only answer two words

 If one day, the person I love leaves me, I only answer two words

But in the world, people come and go, gathering and dispersing.

Some people are doomed not to have; some feelings are doomed not to last.

Many times, in the face of a loved one leaving, we all want to ask:

Why do you give up this relationship, why do you turn around and leave mercilessly?

Thousands of words in the heart, but words to the mouth and swallow back.

In the end, we just reply to each other in a light voice: OK.

01. A good sentence makes each other better and hurts oneself

When we first start to love, we always treat our feelings with special persistence.

Even if that person doesnt love himself, he has to make up for it. He will not die until he reaches the Yellow River.

Until one day, when there are many scars, we finally understand that the bitter love, the final outcome, will eventually end.

So we learned to bear the pain alone, pretending to have nothing to say the word good, just to complete each other, even if it hurts ourselves.

But these two simple words contain deep heartache and sadness.

I remember the romantic and luxurious divorce ceremony between Li Xiangshan and mango in the movie if you are the one.

At the divorce ceremony, the two announced loudly that they were no longer in love with each other, returned their wedding rings to each other, and happily drank champagne with relatives and friends who came to witness.

When Li Xiangshan said I wish you happiness to mango, mango looked at Li Xiangshan and choked for a while before saying two words: OK.

After the ceremony, mango put away her smile and cried in the corner.

Life is a process of letting go.

The only thing we can do is say goodbye.

02. Love is not charity, let alone demand

As the saying goes, its not sweet to fight.

Many things cant be forced. Love, even more so.

In the face of those who want to leave, we should learn to let go; in the heart of those who dont have you, we should learn not to disturb.

The most beautiful love, should be two peoples willing, not one persons bitter entanglement, one is reluctant, what the other person pays is in vain, you should know that the heart without you, no matter what you do, cant move him.

He hoped to be able to use the company and the pay, moves he Fanxings heart. However, he Fanxing only saw the yuan and Song Dynasties from beginning to end.

Later, ye Luming accidentally saw a notebook which recorded how yuan and Song Dynasty treated her well, which made Ye Luming very sad.

This makes him understand that a relationship is not charity, let alone demand.

The wrong person will only make you sad and painful; the wrong feelings will only make you exhausted.

Feelings are always mutual.

Its not yours. If you dont give up, you should learn to let go.

03. The best ending of love is to leave a decent memory

No one is irreplaceable, nothing must be owned, dont over look forward to the beauty of love, dont over exaggerate the sadness of lovelorn.

There is a certain number in life.

When fate comes, cherish it; when fate is scattered, leave.

The best way to let go of a relationship is not to entangle or ask questions, but to learn to be successful.

Passing through your world says:

Everyones memory is a sand city. Time corrodes all buildings. You turn around step by step, but you can only move forward.

Maybe we cant forget an unforgettable feeling, but we can choose to let go, take good care of our feelings and give ourselves a new start.

We dont have to compromise for those we dont love, or worry about gain and loss for the wrong feelings.

In life, love is not the norm.

Put down the wrong person, learn to please yourself, then you can embrace the happiness that really belongs to you.

There is a saying:

Life is like a dance, but the one who teaches you how to dance may not be able to accompany you to the end.

What we can do is to finish the dance well and leave a decent memory for the future. Then pick up the smile, close to meet another good.

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