What can you do for yourself when you are at a low point in your life?

 What can you do for yourself when you are at a low point in your life?

So, what am I doing when Im unhappy?

Today Id like to talk with you about what we can do for ourselves if we are at the bottom of our lives.

Stop complaining

There is a kind of people in the world who can never be really happy, that is, people who like to complain.

Husband make complaints about Lili. She is my friend. She will be married for almost ten years. Every time she meets a friend, she is tucking away. She says that her mother-in-law is not good to her, her husband has not taken responsibility, and the children are not obedient. In short, people all over the world are sorry for her.

In fact, we all know that her mother-in-law is modest, that is, she has some common diseases of the elderly. Her husband is also obedient to her, that is, she doesnt make a lot of money to spend, and her child is very sensible, that is, she cant always be the first.

Such a family is very good in the eyes of many people, but in her eyes, its all a problem. She is the kind of person who demands perfection from others but never reflects on her own problems.

Also because of her such mentality, let oneself could have a happy life become contradictory.

I admit that there are problems in everyones life. No ones life is perfect, but the state of mind determines the state of life. This is by no means a chicken soup. If your eyes can see beauty, then your life will be a little more happy. If your eyes can only see ugliness, then your life will be full of haze.

Once saw a news, a couple had a car accident on the highway, two people climbed out of the car, nervously checked each other, found that they were only slightly injured, and looked at the car that had run into scrap, they didnt complain about each other, but sat down and laughed, took a picture.

Yes, although the car is scrapped, its OK. Isnt that lucky in misfortune?

Such a couple must live a happy life, because they understand that some things become facts and it is useless to just complain, and when you stop complaining, you may be able to see the other side of things.

So, if you want to make your life better, stop complaining. Dont always think about other peoples problems. Look at your own problems. Dont always think about venting your emotions. Instead, think about how to solve them.

Because your grumpiness is too heavy, in the process of complaining and venting, you are also constantly hurting yourself.

Accept the status quo

Do you understand When bad things happen, even if you cry, complain and get angry, you cant change the status quo, or even make things worse. Only by learning to accept, can you calm down and think about how to solve them.

There are no unsolvable problems in the world. No matter how difficult your situation is, there will be a turning point. As long as you are willing to wait patiently, it will be OK.

In watching Im Yu Huan Shui, I like the period when this man put down everything regardless. In the face of the current situation of bad career, broken marriage and physical problems, this man is no longer afraid, but has become the best himself.

Although the story is a bit dramatic, we can see that when a person accepts the status quo, life can move in a good direction.

Just like my friend Lily, she is always dissatisfied with the current situation. She thinks her husband is inferior to others, and her children are even worse. Over time, her husband always hides from her, and her children dont like her. The family tortures each other, and no one is happy.

We are all trying to persuade her that since the marriage is so bad, its better to stop loss in time, but she cant. In fact, in her heart, she doesnt really hate her husband and children, just not willing to the status quo.

However, life is your own choice, no matter what kind of life you have to learn to accept. If you are immersed in discontent, you can never enjoy life.

There are many people around us who are like lily. They know that their abilities and conditions can only reach this level, but they always yearn for the life of others. However, you dont know the pain of others, and your life is the most suitable for you.

You must know that contented life will be happy, contented psychology will be quiet, what you have now is the most real, learn to cherish to be able to control your life.

Trying to change so much, I dont want to tell you that contentment, acceptance, stop complaining will make you happy. If I say that, its really a poisoned chicken soup.

What I really want to tell you is that there are real problems and contradictions in everyones life. When they cant be solved, they cant be happy. But we can only be happy if we try to change the status quo.

For example, I like broadcasting, hosting and writing, but I have my own job. When I cant give attention to time, I feel very painful.

On the one hand, I hope to write good articles and make good audio programs. On the other hand, I can not live up to the expectations of my family and leaders, and I must work hard.

In such a tangle, I often feel that I cant do anything well, so Im very sad. But I understand that I have to work hard to change this situation, or my life will be a mess.

Although the initial change was a little painful, but slowly, I found myself more and more time, more and more capable things every day, everything became in control.

To change your current situation, you need to know what you want, and then try to solve it by yourself, rather than always pinning your hopes on others, and always hope to change the current situation by changing others.

You must know that only by yourself can you be most reliable.

Of course, not all problems in life can be changed by hard work. Before we change, we should first measure our ability. If this matter has exceeded your ability, then we should learn to let go and stop loss in time.

For example, I have only six or seven hours of spare time in addition to eating and sleeping every day. There are too many things I want to do, so I cant do everything well. Then I choose what I need to do most at this stage. I will stop other hobbies such as baking, dancing, painting, etc. for a while, and then I will do it after this time.

In this way, my life has become a lot easier, my unhappiness has been much less, and I have gradually stepped out of the trough.

Its just a small thing in my life, I still have many troubles, but I believe that as long as I can make such efforts to change, everything will be better.

And what about you? Should it be the same? When you encounter a problem, think about the root cause of the problem, and then give the right medicine to solve it.

You must believe that there are no unsolvable problems in the world, only those who dont want to solve them. If you say so many things, you still think, what you say is too easy, I just cant change. Then you must reflect on where the bottom of your unhappiness and unhappiness lies.

Ive never been optimistic enough. Many times, I like to think about the worst result of everything, which often becomes a factor that bothers me.

But I have a good point, that is, unhappiness and unhappiness cant be the theme of my life. Its my life principle to try to change in the low and enjoy in the high.

Nine times out of ten, as an adult, no ones life is easy. You envy others today in Paris and tomorrow in New York, but you dont know that they also cried in the middle of the night. You envy others to have the life you yearn for, but you dont know the pain of his being unable to accompany his family.

If you think about it, can you be relieved?

If you are at a low point, I hope you can be optimistic and work hard, maybe everything will be better tomorrow, even if not, we still have the day after tomorrow.

As long as you dont give up, there will be hope, I can, you can.