Lets go! Girls fathers Day Poster

 Lets go! Girls fathers Day Poster

Tao Yixi, the leading actor of the film, attracted the attention of the audience by virtue of Bai Suzhens role in the story of white snake, and his acting skills were widely praised. Shi Xiaosong, the leading actor, learned from Shi Yongxin, made the film known to the fans through the story of Red Mansions. For the first time, the two small actors cooperated and contributed to the film lets go! Girl , in the film two actors have wonderful action play, let the netizens look forward to.

In addition, Chen Guokun, the Kung Fu superstar who is most like Bruce Lee, has changed his forbearance of Chinese father in the past, demonstrated his resourceful and tender charm in the new era, enriched the image of Chinese screen father, and made many people shout after watching the movie, I want such a cool father!

In the poster released, we can see the fathers love with all his heart. He uses his arm to hold up the daughter who is making a move, so that the daughter can have no worries. Like the father in our reality, he always pays no effort in silence, and is always the strongest support when the children need it most.

Chinese father son relationship has always been a hot topic. Adolescent boys and girls have strong personality, but their father is not good at expression. There are always many misunderstandings between father and son (daughter). The film breaks through the bottleneck of the simple plot of the previous juvenile films, integrates family education and the fetter and reconciliation of father and daughter into the plot, and shows a warm father who dressed as Superman and forgot to remove makeup all his life, thus giving the film a strong social value.

The film has been shortlisted for the gold medal production team of overseas film festival for many times

Lets go! Girls has been shortlisted in many overseas film festivals, including New York International Film Festival 2020. The theme and content of the film have attracted much attention at home and abroad, and won the praise of many international filmmakers. Wuhan Zhongzhi media, the producer, has always been committed to the sea of Chinese culture and the transmission of excellent culture. At present, the global release of the film is also advancing synchronously.

The film has an excellent behind the scenes team, with the producer of Ninja Turtle as the post director, Todd Haberman as the composer of transformers and the first drop of blood, and Theo Anji, the photographer of X-Files, as the photography director, providing first-class technical support for Chinese original stories and escorting the film.

The film was shot in Wuhan. The street view of the beautiful river city will reappear on the screen. The audience will feel the enthusiasm and prosperity of Wuhan again in the film. During the epidemic, we also have the opportunity to fully think about the family and intergenerational relationship, and to have a new understanding of the love of parents. The film will bring the audience the thoughts and discussions of family affection, intergenerational relationship, and youth training, which makes the film extremely hot when it is not shown.

Lets go! As a young and inspirational film, girl not only gathers excellent actors, but also the gold medal production team to escort and has a strong sense of social responsibility.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020