Johnson & Johnson announces that it will stop selling whitening products

 Johnson & Johnson announces that it will stop selling whitening products

New York Times: Johnson & Johnson announces it will stop selling whitening products

The report said that the product lines of ludeqing and cleverness are not sold in the United States, but in the Middle East and Asia. The company said it would soon take its products off the shelves and would not produce them again in the future.

J & Js clever products in the Indian market

In India, for example, consumers praise smart skin lightening products as effective and whitening, the New York Times said. In Asia, Ludwigs product ads also describe how to make consumers skin whiter..

In fact, in order to reflect the companys anti racist stance, Johnson & Johnson announced last week that it will provide a variety of color matching band aids to match different skin colors.

ANTI RACISM protests caused by the death of black people have spread from the United States to many countries. Many black brands are also under pressure. Colgate said Monday that it is reviewing its toothpaste brand black toothpaste in China and may change its name.

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