Do athletes return to work after winning the new title of zhongzhao in succession?

 Do athletes return to work after winning the new title of zhongzhao in succession?

Previously, Zhong Nanshan of the United States and the director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases of the United States said that the Professional League must carry out strict epidemic prevention plan to ensure the smooth progress of the game, and if it is necessary to choose a time, Fudge said that he would recommend the summer window game, because he was worried that the second wave of epidemic will probably come in the autumn and winter of the United States.

Even warm weather, such as California and Arizona, has rebounded after the restart. If you have to choose a time to play, I would say that from the end of July to September is the most likely. I dont recommend dragging the game into October. Fudge said.

However, the cautious fudge seems to be too optimistic.

At present, the U.S. professional baseball and players Union are striving to reach the plan of restarting the season, but this wave of epidemic may cast a shadow on the U.S. professional baseball. According to the past practice, American baseball teams will conduct pre-season training and games in the training venues in Florida and Arizona, but according to local media reports, if the season is restarted, most teams will conduct pre-season training at their respective home courts.

it happens that there is a similar case. Tampa Bay Lightning, the Florida based NHL team, also had several players and staff this week. NHL recently allowed the team to open the stadium and allow players to train under the principle of voluntariness. The number of trainees in the same group should not exceed 6. NHL is also eager to return to work and hopes to resume training camp at least in early July, but according to media statistics, at least 11 players have been confirmed to be infected with the virus in recent two weeks, and the development of the situation may make the League reconsider its plan.

According to the previous statement of the league, after the restart, the ice hockey game will directly enter the playoffs, and all competitions will be concentrated in two cities, most of the candidate cities are American cities. However, there were media reports on the 20th that due to the continuous recurrence of the epidemic in the United States, the League did not rule out the possibility of putting all the two cities in Canada, and Canada has cleared the policy level Obstacles.

Major League of American football Miami International team also confirmed on the 19th that there are first-team players in the team diagnosed. Before that, the major league of American football and the United States basketball team initially decided to restart the season in July, and tragically, Florida was chosen as the venue.

Clemson University, a top university in South Carolina, also confirmed Monday that 23 rugby players have been infected with the new crown virus since the opening of the schools sports facilities this month. In the RBC heritage golf game in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, the U.S. players watney pre game virus test is still negative. After the first round, it turns positive, which makes people laugh and cry Its also very scary to think about.

American golf star Thomas cleverly brought his own chef to the competition, saying the locals were too relaxed about the virus.

I dont want to offend Hilton Head Island, but these days people are everywhere. Although they cant come to see the game, people are everywhere on the beach, people are everywhere in restaurants and on the road, and no one wears masks. Its like going to a zoo to relax. Thomas said.

In addition, each team of the National Womens Football League will start a competition called Challenge Cup on 27th this month, but this week, some players have confirmed the new crown, where to go, and the organizers of the league are racking their brains.

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